Medical insurance for pets vs. Euthanasia

By: Ian Parker, VP Hospital Marketing
One of the biggest challenges we hear from veterinarians is the ethical and emotional toll that is taken on veterinary staff when they have to euthanize a pet that could have otherwise been saved. This is why all of the veterinary staff members we know and work with have multiple pets—because often pets that can be saved but at too high of a cost for their owner are adopted by the staff member. 

We know from experience and the stories we hear from veterinarians and pet owners that medical insurance for pets can help exponentially in these difficult situations. When a pet is insured, the pet owner is much more likely to be able to afford the care the pet needs—leading to happier veterinarians and healthier pets staying in their forever homes. 

For example, DVM 360’s 2015 State of the Profession Survey showed that in 2006, the estimated dollar amount at which most clients would refuse or stop treatment for their pets was $1,451. Nearly a decade later, that number has barely moved, sitting at $1,433 in 2015. 
A line graph showing a pet owner's stop treatment threshold shown in US dollars over years
Since 2010, Trupanion has paid over 47,000 single claims in excess of $1,400. That’s 47,000 pets that otherwise may have been euthanized due to treatment costs. This number is only expected to grow. 
A bar chart showing the number of claims where Trupanion paid over $1,400 over the years
We hope you will consider recommending medical insurance for your clients’ pets. With an insured client base, you can expect to practice the best medicine for which you were trained, and save many more pets you might not otherwise be able to save. 
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