Trupanion golden birthday - turning 20 in 2020Trupanion golden birthday - turning 20 in 2020Trupanion golden birthday - turning 20 in 2020

Trupanion is turning 20 in 2020!

This year we’re celebrating two decades of helping protect pets. From the first Trupanion member, Monty, to all the puppies and kittens that have joined families as they cuddle up safely at home, this year we’re blowing out our candles and wishing for another 20 years of happy and healthy pets.

Birthday Cake

Our members take the cake

We wouldn't be here without the 500,000+ dogs and cats that make our days a little brighter.
We're reserving that extra slice of cake for all our member families.

Not a member yet? You can join in on the joy while helping your furry friend.
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Veterinary heroes: the gift that keeps on giving

Please direct all presents to veterinary teams. Now more than ever, we’re grateful for every hospital and veterinary professional who keeps our loved ones celebrating safely all year long.

Do you work in veterinary health? Find out how our unique software can make your clients celebrate.

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The team that keeps the party going

Our Trupanion team sure knows how to spread the love. Over 20 years, we’ve grown from one person on a boat to a team with people all over the world — and we’ve made massive strides in pet health along the way.

Learn how you can party with us all the time.

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Our members sure know how to bring the fun! Share a picture and show how you celebrate big moments in life with your best four-legged friends.