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Keeping pets cool on hot days

When the weather is warm, it's important to remember that our pets don't have the option to take off their coats when they get too hot. We've gathered some helpful tips that will hopefully make your pet's summer cooler and more enjoyable.


  • Never leave a pet in the car. Even with the windows cracked, a car is like an oven with temperatures quickly heating up to 90 degrees on a 78-degree day. And that's when parked in the shade!

  • Provide plenty of shade when you and your pet are enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Avoid hot asphalt when walking outside. Shoe-wearing humans may not realize how hot the streets and sidewalks get under direct sun. In some areas, it can get hot enough to fry an egg! Protect your pooch's paw pads by walking on dirt or grass, or sticking to early morning and late evening walks.


  • Give your pet a haircut. If your pet's fur is getting long, it's time for a trim! Shave off excess fur to give your dog or cat a lighter summer "outfit."

  • Be knowledgeable about what an overheated pet looks like. Signs include excessive panting, difficulty breathing, drooling, increased heart rate, weakness, and even collapse.

  • Take extra care of flat-faced dogs and cats. Brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs, Boxers, and Persian cats have more difficulty cooling their bodies due to their short snouts, so it's important to be especially careful with these types of breeds.

  • Check on pets frequently. Even in the shade or inside the house, it can get very hot for our pets. Be sure to check up on them and consider setting up a fan to provide a constant breeze.


  • Provide plenty of cool, clean drinking water for your pet so that he/she can stay hydrated throughout the heat.

  • Swim safely. Dogs can tire quickly when swimming around, so be sure to supervise and allow your pet plenty of rest time.

  • Rinse your dog off after swimming, whether it's the lake, ocean, or pool, to get all of the dirt, salt water, and chemicals off his coat. Otherwise, he may get sick from licking his coat or paws.