A Chihuahua dressed like a fireman

Here at Trupanion, it is our mission to protect pets. This obviously includes the many dogs and cats that we are fortunate to work with every day. Part of this protection is having an adequate plan in place that helps protect both two and four-legged employees from a fire emergency.

 We want to call attention to the importance of creating and implementing a fire safety plan in the workplace, and making sure that plan outlines specific protocols for office pets. If you are a pet-friendly company, have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you had a fire in your building? How would you communicate your unique situation to emergency personnel? How would you get all the employees AND their pets out safely?

Working with our local fire warden and experts in the pet space, we answered these questions and have developed a plan we feel meets our needs. We want to share what we've learned with you. So come, stay, and look around. We hope what you learn here will help protect you and your pet in case of a fire emergency.