Australian Shepherd puppy playing with red ballAustralian Shepherd puppyAustralian Shepherd puppy

Australian Shepherd, your trusted companion

With their natural herding and guarding instincts, Australian Shepherds make excellent pets for the whole family. Make sure you give them the protection they deserve by taking out essential pet insurance.

The Australian Shepherd (aka Aussies) were bred specifically as working dogs – but despite their misleading name, they are not an Australian breed as some might believe – in fact they supposedly originated from the Basque region of Spain before becoming a popular working breed in the US.

Of course, as any proud owner will tell you, they are incredibly obedient, good natured and trainable. Yet their intelligence can be their downfall – particularly for those with a less than active lifestyle. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they need to live on a big open farm. All they really need is to be kept mentally and physically stimulated. So if you fancy trying agility, flyball or obedience, you can be pretty certain that your Aussie will put all the other pooches to shame. They are also used as guide dogs, and are extremely versatile for other ‘jobs’ such as search and rescue.

While they love being around people and are even known to be fond of children, they do require firm and consistent handling. When bored, they can be destructive, territorial or may even try out their herding instincts on others!

Health concerns

Australian shepherd dog playing in a lake

Choose Trupanion to protect your family friend

Being such energetic and agile creatures, Aussies can be prone to getting into strife and may develop conditions such as hip dysplasia. Luckily our pet insurance is designed to help you keep your Aussie in tip top condition throughout his life. Start learning about prices to insure your Aussie by filling out the quote form above.

Sample claims

Bleu, 7-year-old Australian Shepherd
$2,618 for cruciate ligament tear
Sara, 4-year-old Australian Shepherd
$322, kicked by a horse
Luke, 6-year-old Australian Shepherd
$815 for epilepsy