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Your friendly little snuggler deserves the best. Choose Trupanion for your Havanese.

As a Havanese lover, you are well aware that this little dog has a big personality. They are lively, affectionate, and enjoy being in the company of people. Plus, they make great pets for families of all kinds — whether it's city living in an apartment or a house in the suburbs. Your Havanese brings you so much joy, and we want to help protect them with our pet insurance policy to ensure many more years of cuddling and companionship.

Pet insurance for your Havanese can help you cope with the unexpected. Trupanion's policy covers 90% of costs to treat unexpected illnesses and injuries.* This includes diagnostic testing, treatments, medications, hospitalization, and more.

Why get pet insurance for your Havanese?

Along with everyday accidents, such as getting into some chocolate, a broken leg, or an ear infection, the Havanese breed in particular may experience eye problems. Should your Havanese develop cataracts or other eye problems as they enter those senior years, we can help with the associated veterinary costs. But don't leave dog insurance too late, take out a quote today.


“I got a Havanese puppy in September who was 4 months old. I didn’t know whether to get pet insurance or not. Most people I spoke with said they didn’t get it but wished they had. After thinking it over for a bit, I decided to purchase Trupanion for Lucy. She has since had teeth extracted and cherry eye surgery. Trupanion has been wonderful! My puppy is my little baby, and her care is of the utmost importance to me…thank you Trupanion for your prompt and caring service. So glad I made the right decision for Lucy and for me. ” - Lynn D. 

“I tell ya, I never did anything so useful in my life to help my dogs as I did when I took out a pet insurance policy with Trupanion. It turns out that I can put in claims as often as I need to, with no penalties. In our last exchange, Trupanion encouraged me to keep submitting claims, and you can believe I will be doing that! So it’s not only my fabulous vets who are my Tru Heroes, but Trupanion, as well. Thank you, Trupanion; you make it possible for me to take really proper care of my sensitive Havanese rescue!" ”- Carol W. 

Sample claims

JJ, 9-year-old Havanese
$595 for surgery to remove lumps
Donatello, 2-year-old Havanese
$1,032 for gastroenteritis
Maya, 3-year-old Havanese
$8,228 for cruciate ligament tear
Cover photo of 2012 Westminster Winner, CKC/AKC/International Champion MistyTrails Double Stuf'd Oreo CGN provided by Breeder/Owners, Emily Dorma & Bev Dorma.
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