Two Old English Sheepdogs outside in a snowy fieldOld English Sheepdog

The iconic Old English Sheepdog

There are few dog breeds as recognizable as the Old English Sheepdog with its black and white coat and rolling gait. Protect your celebrity breed with pet insurance to ensure your Old English Sheepdog stays in the best health possible.

The Old English Sheepdog is a beautiful and intelligent breed that makes a great mellow housedog, but who also loves exploring, and going for long walks in the park. The dogs were originally bred in the west of England to herd sheep and have one of the sweetest natures of any dog. They love their family, though you might find yourselves being herded occasionally when their natural instincts kick in!

With their luxurious long locks and outstanding personality, Old English Sheepdogs truly deserve their iconic status. Insuring them with complete coverage will also help provide you with peace of mind as long as your shaggy dog is with you.

Old English Sheepdog running around outside
While we hope your Sheepdog lives a full and healthy life, there are a few heath conditions to which they are susceptible and pet insurance can help with the diagnostic and treatment costs. Find out monthly dog insurance costs for your Sheepdog by entering your dog’s information into the quote form at the top of this page.

Sample claims

Gabriel, 2-year-old Sheepdog
$979 for Addison's disease
Diego, 1-year-old Sheepdog
$282 for foreign body ingestion
Charlie, 3-year-old Sheepdog
$303 for leg pain