Portuguese Water Dog playing with another dogPortuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs, your water-loving companion

Portuguese Water Dogs are known for being excellent swimmers and for their intelligence, but the breed has also become well-known in the White House – with the First Family owning two. With such a keen following, these pets are both lovable and lively, which is why it’s essential to protect them, and this is where pet insurance can play a vital part.

Also affectionately known as ‘Porties’ this working breed was commonly used in Portugal to assist fishermen in tasks such as retrieving nets and fishing equipment and acting as a courier. Known for their webbed feet (ideal for swimming) and muscular build, they are capable of spending long periods of time in water and have excellent stamina. While their coat is ideal for allergy sufferers, since they rarely shed hair, they do require regular maintenance and grooming.

Porties are at their best when they have a job to do, and like most highly-trainable breeds, they need both physical and mental exercise to keep them occupied. With Trupanion pet insurance, you can have peace of mind that should your beloved Portie get into unwanted mischief, he will be covered. To get a dog insurance quote simply complete the form above.

Sample claims

Bogey, 1-year-old Portuguese    
Water Dog

$4,847 for osteoarthritis/total hip replacement
Matty, 9-month-old Portuguese
Water Dog

$287 for allergies and otitis externa
Trixie, 9-year-old Portuguese       Water Dog
$505 for hind limb weakness/back pain