Puggle sitting outside in a fenced yardPuggle

The playful Puggle

Cute with bags of personality – that’s what happens when you cross a Pug with a Beagle! We understand that the Puggle is a popular companion for good reason, and as dog lovers, Trupanion couldn’t be better placed to provide insurance tailored to your adorable crossbreed.

With the trademark wrinkles of the Pug and the slightly longer ears of the Beagle, the Puggle is quite simply an irresistible cuddly character that will fill your home with joy. Active, social and playful, they will happily play indoors and outdoors – often entertaining themselves to the amusement of the family.

However, depending on the characteristics that have been inherited, you could find your Puggle displays stubborn qualities (particularly during training) which is where you could use its love of food to your advantage, by using treats for rewards. They may also display some of the traits often associated with Beagles such as howling or wandering off - especially if captured by an interesting scent!

Puggle lying on a blanket
But one thing is for certain, you’ll want to keep them safe and sound, and while they are generally healthy little dogs, they are prone to obesity, so keeping them in good health is essential. Choose Trupanion pet insurance to help protect them – to get started simply complete the quote form above.

Sample claims

Lola, 3-year-old Puggle
$770 for luxating patella
Shelby, 4-year-old Puggle
$302 for a vaccine reaction
Ginger, 8-year-old Puggle
$443 for urinary tract infection