With an abundance of pet-friendly parks and access to some of the best veterinary hospitals in the country, it's no surprise that New York is full of pets and pet lovers. At Trupanion, we know that New Yorkers want nothing but the best for their furry companions, which is where pet insurance comes in. Pet insurance can help make unexpected veterinary care easier on the wallet, so you can put all your love and attention toward your pet when they need it most.

One simple plan*

Trupanion medical insurance for cats and dogs covers 90% of the cost of care for new injuries and illnesses, including diagnostic tests, treatments, medications, and hospitalizations. That same coverage applies to emergency veterinary hospitals and veterinary specialists too!

No payout limits

You can let go of your worries about reaching a maximum because Trupanion has no limits on the amount of care we cover. This means that your pet can get all the necessary care and you can relax knowing that you'll never hit a financial ceiling with your pet insurance coverage.

We know the amount of worry that accompanies a pet's medical emergency, from scrambling to find a taxi that allows pets to the unknown cost of the final vet bill. We're here to help alleviate your worry so that you can continue your regular routine of belly rubs, snuggles, and walks through Central Park.



Noodle, insured since February 2011
New York, NY
Trupanion paid: $16,569.42

"Trupanion helped save Noodle and all the people who love him. I’ve recommended Trupanion to everyone with a pet, and plan to offer it to my employees and gift a year’s worth of coverage to my friends who can’t afford plans. Very few people hold true to such a loyal commitment to people through business as Trupanion does. I can’t thank them enough for their help." - Brian O. and Michael D.


Emma, insured since November 2012
Syracuse, NY
Trupanion paid: $3,351.76

"If it were not for Trupanion I would have had to put down my beloved cat because I could not have afforded her surgery. If you love your pet, your beloved animal friend, your furry family member, please get them Trupanion. It may save their life one day!"
- Leslee S.

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.


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