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Your pet deserves the best coverage

Your pet deserves the best coverage

Quality matters when it comes to medical insurance for your pet.

As you research your options, we recommend you think about the type of coverage you want for your best friend.

A cheaper plan may look good at first, but will it be there for you when you and your pet when you need it most?

Other providers offer


Cheap coverage

This may be appealing at first glance, but what happens after one year with the policy?

  • Price can skyrocket year after year
  • No coverage for the things most likely to happen to your pet — hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Previously covered conditions may now be pre-existing

Mid-range coverage

Some of the concerns with cheap coverage are gone. But what happens when your pet gets older?

  • Your rates may automatically increase just because your pet has a birthday
  • There may be caps or limits on how much they can pay out in claims

High-quality coverage

At Trupanion, we want to be by your pet's side for their entire life. That means...

  • Coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions
  • No caps or limits on the amount we pay out
  • No automatic rate increases just because your pet celebrates a birthday

We love informed decisions. Check out our full policy for complete coverage details.

Your level of coverage is different with Trupanion

We know every provider could give check boxes showing their coverage is the best. Trupanion stands out in 7 main ways.

Are these features important to you?

Trupanion Other Providers
Quick and easy to understand coverage Covers all new injuries and illnesses after 5 day injury waiting period and 30 day illness waiting period Some conditions are excluded from coverage or have year-long waiting periodsWhen researching, be sure to look out for extended waiting periods for issues related to knees, cruciates, ligaments, and/or hip dysplasia
No out-of-pocket payments

Can pay veterinary hospitals directly

No automatic process to pay veterinarians directly
Age-based restrictions All pets get 90% coverage with no payout limits for new issues, regardless of age Can lower payout percentage or price options based on pet’s age
Breed-based restrictions All pets get 90% coverage with no payout limits regardless of breed In most states, they will automatically increase rates because your pet gets older
Automatic price increases Prices for the life of your pet, so you don't get automatic rate increases each year Provides a seemingly low price your first year, then can automatically hike up prices every year based on pre-determined formula
Coverage for ongoing illnesses Lifetime per condition deductible, so you aren't paying for the same condition year after year Yearly deductibles means you repeatedly pay for the same covered conditionsChronic issues like allergies, diabetes or glaucoma can occur year after year, which means more annual vet bills
Flexible prices Hundreds of deductible options means you can choose a specific price that works for you Limits to just a few deductible options, or you can only change your price by lowering your payout percentage

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

Our team can talk through how Trupanion’s unique coverage can work for your pet. Call today:


If you want more detail about specific provider differences, we recommend you check out these resources:

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Your research doesn’t have to end here

If you still don’t know who to enroll your pet with, we recommend these next steps:

  1. Ask your veterinarian who they recommend
  2. Ask other providers how their coverage compares
  3. Ask our Trupanion team for information specific to your pet


We’re here 24/7 to help walk you through our coverage, and we’ll never pressure you to buy if you’re not ready: 855.591.3100.

Or, start online by getting a quote: