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Cheap pet insurance is out there

You could probably get a pet insurance policy from another provider that costs 15% less than a Trupanion policy. You could save some money each month. You could feel good about yourself knowing you had insured your pet. You could move on to the other things on your to-do list.

But what happens when your cat or dog gets sick? Will that cheaper insurance policy actually help you and your pet when you need it most?

Can you imagine choosing a policy you think is going to take care of your pet, but doesn’t?

Not only would your claim be denied, but you would also be out all the money you paid to the insurance provider in the first place.

In a review of three prominent pet insurance providers, we discovered common situations where they would leave loyal pet owners to fend for themselves:


  • The majority of plans do not cover congenital or hereditary conditions (the conditions breeds are more likely to experience)
  • Excludes over 182 conditions from most of their plans
  • Can deny conditions previously covered at annual renewals

Healthy Paws

  • No coverage for hip dysplasia until 12 months after enrollment  Hip dysplasia can be extremely costly to treat once diagnosed, and is most often diagnosed at a young age. A Golden Retriever, for instance, is 3.4x more likely than the average dog to be diagnosed with hip dysplasia before they are a year old. If hip dysplasia is not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, it can lead to the need for total hip replacement which can cost over $5,000.
  • No coverage for supplements, vitamins, or food
  • No coverage for dental illness


  • If your pet has shown symptoms of diabetes, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, or FeLV/FIV before enrolling, there is no coverage at all for illnesses
  • No coverage for dental illness

In some cases, the conditions these pet insurance providers exclude are the conditions your pet is statistically more likely to encounter!

Veterinarian, Andrea Crabtree, is fond of saying “When a catastrophic event happens, medical coverage shouldn’t stop, it should kick into high gear!”

What good is pet insurance if it doesn’t kick into high gear to cover conditions and situations that are more likely to affect your cat or dog? Sure, your policy may be a few dollars cheaper each month, but will it really give your pet the best protection?

Picking the wrong pet insurance company could cost you more than money

Pet insurance shouldn’t be about getting the cheapest possible policy, it should be about knowing your best friend is protected should the worst happen.

According to USA Today, experts say, “more Americans are choosing to put their ailing pets to sleep rather than pay for expensive treatments.” In one clinic, as many as “two-thirds of the pets put to sleep every week are euthanized for economic reasons.”

Economic euthanasia  happens all the time and it is absolutely heartbreaking. It is heartbreaking for loving pet owners, it is heartbreaking for dedicated veterinarians, and it is most heartbreaking for the cats and dogs that deserve to live long and healthy lives.

Not every pet insurance policy covers all unexpected injuries and injuries. If you choose a policy that limits coverage and reimbursement amounts, you may have to choose between your finances and your pet’s life.

When our CEO, Darryl Rawlings, was 14 years old, his family had to put down their 2-year-old dog, Mitzy, because they could not afford her medical treatment.

Darryl founded Trupanion because he wants to make sure loving pet owners are never in a situation where their only option is economic euthanasia.

That is why a Trupanion policy was built the way it was built - to cover the medical expenses of all unexpected injuries and illnesses your pet may face.

The only medical conditions we don’t cover are the ones that occurred before your pet enrolled.

That means we even cover all the conditions your breed is more likely to inherit, issues that don’t have an official diagnosis, and even conditions that develop genetically before birth.

  • Trupanion does not want to be the cheap pet insurance policy that lets owners sacrifice quality coverage for a lower cost.
  • We want to be the pet health insurance policy that keeps your pet alive because of the financial help we provide.

Make sure you are not paying for exclusions

When it comes to choosing a pet insurance policy, see if it gives you the option to limit your coverage (and often times lower your payment).

That flexibility to limit reimbursement and coverage makes you feel you are getting an amazing deal on your monthly bill.

However, insurance companies that offer those flexible pricing options are more likely to have policy exclusions that could deny treatments you need in the future.

Simply put, a Trupanion policy covers the medical expenses of ALL unexpected injuries and illnesses your pet may face, including:


We'll cover conditions your breed is prone to inheriting


  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Diabetes
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Thyroid disease


Even if your pet doesn't have an official diagnosis, we'll cover you


  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Change in weight


We'll cover conditions your pet has developed before birth


  • Heart disease
  • Nervous system issues
  • Cataracts
  • Liver disease

Whatever medical procedures your cat or dog needs for those unexpected injuries and illnesses, we’ll cover. That includes things like:

Diagnostic tests   |   Surgeries   |   Hospital Stays   |   Medications   |   Veterinary supplements   |   Herbal therapy   |   Prosthetic devices and carts

Plus we offer every pet owner:

90% chart


When your pet is sick, you shouldn’t have to worry about finances or how to afford their medical care.

Hand receiving unlimited payouts icon


You can get your pet whatever treatments are necessary without having to worry about reaching a financial ceiling.

Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details.

Offering 90% reimbursement and unlimited payouts for every enrolled pet allows veterinarians “to practice the best medicine without having a financial discussion” with pet owners, according to Dr. Heather Steyn.

The flexibility to limit reimbursement and coverage is great if all you’re trying to do is get a cheap insurance policy. But remember, Trupanion does not want to be a cheap insurance policy.

  • Before deciding on a pet health insurance policy, please research all of your options and choose the company that you feel will come through for your pet in the end.
  • Even pet owners with insurance may have to face economic euthanasia if their policy trades quality coverage for a cheaper cost.
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