Let us show some love to the pets in the City That Loves You Back.

We know that Philadelphians love their pets. You expect a soft paw and a meow asking for breakfast, or a cold nose to nudge you awake in the morning for the day’s first dog walk. And after a long work day, you look forward to coming home to happy tail wags or spending the evening with a purring kitty on your lap.

Your pet is an important part of your life: your jogging buddy, your pillow warmer, your companion who doesn’t mind watching hours of reruns on TV. We want to help protect that special bond you have with your pet, which is why we’ve created a pet insurance plan that can help them get the best veterinary care in times of need.

Why Trupanion?

We’re a company made up of pet lovers, and we want to see that your pet gets the care it needs just like we would with our own furry four-leggers. If your pet becomes sick or injured, we can help with the veterinary costs for diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, hospitalizations, and more. Our pet insurance policy also covers herbal therapies, supplements, and prescription pet foods.

Our pet insurance plan provides 90% coverage with no payout limits.* Because there are no caps on coverage, your pet can get all the veterinary care it needs without you worrying about hitting a limit.

See any veterinarian

With pet insurance coverage from Trupanion's policy, you can visit any licensed veterinarian in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. That means that if you happen to be traveling with your pet and something happens, you can still get the best veterinary care. Plus, you can take your pet to any emergency veterinary hospitals or veterinary specialist, whether you are traveling or at home.

Whether you are chasing your dog around at Schuylkill River Dog Park or watching your kitties chase each other from room to room, you can enjoy the peace of mind that pet medical insurance helps provide.

Sample claims from pets in Philadelphia

Winnie, 2-year-old English Bulldog

Diagnosis: Entropion

Trupanion paid: $2,381

Emily, 10-year-old Siamese

Diagnosis: Gastroenteritis

Trupanion paid: $339

Fosse, 4-year-old Domestic Shorthair

Diagnosis: Pancreatitis

Trupanion paid: $1,505

Layla, 3-year-old Chartreux

Diagnosis: Cruciate ligament tear

Trupanion paid: $2,613

Cherishing a best friend

"This past April, I received terrible news when my 8 year old blue point Siamese, Cole, was diagnosed with nasal respiratory carcinoma. This is an aggressive type of cancer with no cure – the only treatment is radiation. Without treatment, Cole’s future would have been very short.

Thankfully, I had Trupanion Insurance for Cole. Without it I would not have been able to afford his costly treatment. Trupanion has been extraordinary! All my claims have been paid quickly and without issue. The Trupanion representatives are extremely friendly and caring, always making a point to ask how Cole is doing.

Cole has completed his radiation treatments and is doing extremely well. I realize that his days are numbered, but I am optimistic that his days will stretch into months or even possibly a year or more. I am so grateful to Trupanion for this extra time with Cole; I am cherishing each and every day with one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Thank you, Trupanion!"
Betsy S.


Enrolled: March 2012
Condition: Cancer
Total paid: $6,993.02

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.


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