Millennial African-American girl snuggling with her long-hair white catMillennial African-American girl snuggling with her long-hair white catMillennial African-American girl snuggling with her long-hair white cat

You don’t have to worry about “fine print” with Trupanion

Instead, we’ll help give you a clear understanding of what you get when you enroll.

You get unlimited coverage for anything unexpected

Yes, really. We’ll cover all unexpected injuries and illnesses—including breed-specific conditions—with no caps or limits on how much we’ll pay out on claims.

That includes many medical procedures your cat or dog needs, including:

Diagnostic tests          •          Surgeries          •          Hospital stays          •          Medications          •          Prosthetic devices and carts

No matter what price you enroll with, you’ll always get:

  • Coverage for all unexpected injuries and illnesses
  • 90% coverage
  • Unlimited payouts

Scroll down to see a sample policy for full coverage details. 

We recommend adding our Recovery and Complementary Care package at an additional cost for coverage on continuing, non-clinical procedures. Think hydrotherapy, acupuncture, physical therapy and more.

You’re responsible for the expected costs

Exam fees, wellness care (including spay/neuter), and most taxes are not covered.

These are expenses you can expect and budget for when you become a pet owner. We’re here to provide help when those big, unexpected issues happen.

It’s also important to know that our policy isn't designed to cover the things that happened before you became a member.

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Conditions that showed signs and symptoms before your coverage kicked in are pre-existing and are not covered.

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Enrolling your pet as soon as possible helps reduce the risk of having pre-existing issues.

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If you’re concerned your pet may have a pre-existing condition, we recommend giving us a call to talk about your pet’s specific details.

We’re open 24/7 to talk to you about our coverage


Your coverage kicks in after a short waiting period

To help prevent fraudulent claims, your pet’s coverage starts after a short waiting period:

Trupanion pet insurance (cat insurance and dog insurance) have waiting periods that last 5 days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses

The sooner you enroll, the sooner your coverage kicks in. Start now to start your pet off on the right paw.

Helpful hint: Waiting periods are waived when you enroll on a special Trupanion offer. Call us today to learn more about our offers: 855.591.3100

Our sample policy is always here for your review

We'll give you a clear understanding of what you get when you enroll, because you shouldn't have to worry about "fine print" when it comes to your pet's coverage.


To view Trupanion's sample policy, please select the state you live in:

When you enroll, we’ll email this policy to you.You then have 30 days to decide if this coverage works for you and your pet. If you’d like to cancel anytime in those 30 days, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

  • If we’ve paid a claim for you in your first 30 days, this refund is not available.

  • This 30-day money back guarantee isn’t available in New York.

Do you have specific questions?

We have pet-loving experts available 24/7 to answer all of your questions about our policy.

We’ll never pressure you to buy—our job is to talk about your pet and answer your questions. In fact, when we surveyed non-Trupanion members, 97% of people say they don’t feel pressure to enroll their pet when they called us.

Call us today or chat with us online by clicking the icon in the lower right corner.

You can enroll your pet any time

Now that you understand how your pet’s coverage works, you’re ready to customize your price and enroll.

Enroll your pet now