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Trupanion is a proud member of The North American Pet Health Insurance Association in both the United States and Canada. Trupanion CEO Darryl Rawlings was a founding member of the NAPHIA Board of Directors, and the organization’s first President. A Trupanion representative has sat on the Board of Directors at all times since it was established in 2009.


The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) is an organization of members who work collaboratively toward establishing and maintaining universal and professional standards for terminology, best practices, quality, and ethics in the pet health industry.

NAPHIA is a freestanding body comprised of reputable and experienced pet health industry professionals committed to advancing the industry through pooling resources, sharing information, and working together to identify and address challenges and opportunities.

As a NAPHIA member, Trupanion has committed to the following pet health industry standards:

  • We will not dictate veterinary fees.

  • Clients can choose any veterinarian.

  • Veterinarians need not participate in our program, nor will they be exempt if they participate in other pet health insurance programs.

  • Regular claims will be processed within 10 business days (and no longer than 20 days once we have complete information).

Mission statement

NAPHIA is committed to educating and promoting to North American pet owners, the general public, and the veterinary industry, the value and benefits of pet health insurance.


To create a better quality of life for people and their pets through the design, delivery, and support of a broad spectrum of pet health insurance products.

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