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Unlimited payouts,
no deductibles!

Just one of the many reasons veterinarians rate Trupanion #1.

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Rethink pet insurance

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Unlimited payouts, no
deductibles - ever!

No illness or injury too big or too small, value from day one.

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Coverage transparency
from the start

We can guarantee your coverage, so no surprises!

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Insurance coverage designed for the life of your pet

Trupanion is at the forefront of the pet health insurance industry — innovating and evolving to give you and your pet a revolutionary new plan. For coverage from the unexpected, you have no annual or lifetime payout limits or deductibles.

Go beyond traditional veterinary care. Our new medical insurance plan even includes treatments like chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy, and hydrotherapy.

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All dogs and cats from birth to 14 years of age, regardless of breed, can sign up for lifelong pet medical insurance coverage.

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We’re the only provider that gives members the freedom to pick their payout percentage and can pay hospitals directly at checkout — all with no payout limits.

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Coverage begins after a single, simplified 12-day delayed effective date.* This can be waived with an Exam Day Offer for immediate coverage.

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Visit any veterinary, emergency care, or specialty animal hospital in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia, including US and Canadian military installations.

What does a Trupanion policy cover?


    Hereditary + congenital conditions


    Breed specific conditions


    New, unexpected injuries + illnesses


    Unidentified issues




    Diagnostic tests + lab tests


    X-rays, CT scans + ultrasounds


    Hospital stays + surgeries


    Medications + supplements


    Prescription food


    Advanced dentistry


    Physical therapy + rehabilitation


    Acupuncture + alternative therapies


    Behavioral modifications

We love informed decisions. See the plan for full coverage details.

Coverage you can count on

The Trupanion plan was developed by veterinarians and has protected 800,00 dogs and cats just like yours. We cover treatments and procedures related to thousands of veterinary issues, so you can focus on what matters most.


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The Trupanion plan does not cover exam fees, preventive care (e.g., spay/neuter, vaccines), or any iIlness or injury for which signs or evidence of their potential manifestation existed prior to sign-up or during the 12-day delayed effective date (i.e., pre-existing conditions).*

With our Exam Day Offer, we’ll waive the delayed effective date, get you started with unlimited payouts and no deductible — all without demanding billing information up front! Take five minutes and call our team 24/7/365 for more information or to activate your offer: 844.583.1534.

Every pet deserves the best care and coverage

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* Maine residents: If your pet has received a full physical vet exam within the last 24 hours, our complete coverage starts with your first payment. We will start completing a Medical Record Summary for your pet immediately after enrollment, with no waiting periods or delayed effective date.