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Your pet is part of your family.

Give them the best medical care possible.


See why Trupanion is the right choice for your pet!

There are many health concerns that can impact every stage of your pet's life, from a torn ligament during an exuberant puppy stage, to arthritis caused by old age. And many of these health conditions cannot be predicted. This is where medical insurance for your pet can help. 

  1. 90% Coverage*

    We cover 90% of actual veterinary costs.

  2. What Trupanion Covers

    Injuries and illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions, diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, hospital stays, and veterinary supplements.

  3. No Payout Limits

    No dollar limits on the cost of care if your pet becomes sick or injured.


Why Trupanion?

Trupanion's employees consist of pet lovers, which means we understand the bond you share with your pet. And we want to protect it. We offer one simple plan that pays 90%* of diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hospital stays and so much more—with no annual or lifetime payout limits.

Compare us

With several options for pet insurance, we know how important it is to make the best choice for your pet. To make it a little easier for you, we created a comparison chart that provides a quick glance at the benefits for each of the listed providers.

Pet Medical Insurance FAQs

Learning about pet medical insurance can be difficult and often hard to understand. We want to make sure you know what you're getting with a medical insurance plan for your pet.

  • FAQs

    • What does Trupanion insurance cover?

      Trupanion covers veterinary costs that arise when a pet is sick or injured. Your policy covers 90% of the actual cost your vet charges for diagnostic tests, treatments, surgeries, medications, treatment, hospitalization, supplements, prescription foods*, orthotic devices, prosthetic devices, and carts, less the exam fee. Your policy covers hereditary conditions and congenital conditions as well.

      *Note: We cover ½ of the cost of prescription pet foods for up to 2 months of coverage.

    • When does my coverage begin? Are there waiting periods?

      We have a 5 day waiting period for accidents and 30 day waiting period for illnesses. That means that we will cover accidents five days after the policy start date. Illnesses will be covered thirty days after the policy start date.

    • What is a deductible?

      The deductible is the portion of the bill you are responsible for before 90% coverage is available. Trupanion’s deductible is per-incident which means the deductible will be applied to each separate incident/condition.

    • Are there deductible options?

      • Choose any deductible you want between $0 and $1,000 in $5 increments to fit your budget
      • A higher deductible means a lower premium
    • How often do I pay the deductible?

      • Trupanion has a per incident/condition deductible (not per claim or per visit or per year)
      • It is applied only once per condition over the lifetime of your policy
      • Trupanion covers 90% of approved claim costs, after your deductible is met for that condition
    • Should a pet owner submit a claim even though it is less than their chosen deductible?

      • Yes! Claims must be submitted within 90 days of treatment, so submit claims as soon as possible
      • Once all related claims pass the deductible amount, Trupanion will begin to reimburse the pet owner
      • Example: Your deductible is $500. Make a claim for the amount of $300, and then the pet owner now has only $200 remaining to reach their deductible amount for that particular condition
    • Can a pet owner change their deductible?

      • Yes! Pet owners can always adjust their deductible up or down
      • If incident occurs or a condition is present while having a higher deductible in place, only that incident or condition remains with the higher deductible
      • If you lower your deductible, all new incidents will have the lower deductible
      • 30 day waiting periods are applied for any deductible changes
    • Will Trupanion change the deductible over time?

      • No! Trupanion will not change a pet owner’s deductible
      • It will not increase over time or as the pet ages unless the pet owner chooses to change it


  • bella-testimonial


    Testimonial text
    The x-rays, surgeries, medications and check-up visits to our veterinarian totaled over $10,000 and Trupanion paid 90%. Without Trupanion, we don’t know how we would have paid for Bella's treatment... Thanks to Trupanion for all they are doing for Bella.
    Testimonial text

    -Lynda S.

    • Claim example:


    • Deductible applied:


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


  • boone-testimonial


    Testimonial text
    We would have not been able to afford or support Boone the way we needed to without the help of Trupanion and our veterinarian... Our Boone Dog is home, getting better every day, and thriving because of Trupanion. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this company.
    Testimonial text

    -Stacie H.

    • Total claim amount:


    • Deductible applied:


    • Ineligible (exam, preventives):


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


  • guinness


    Testimonial text
    Then came the price of all of this...$6,000 up front. In a moment like that, it's hard to think about money when your best friend is suffering, but it’s a harsh reality. We knew that we had pet insurance, but we did not know the specifics of our policy. We quickly discovered just how amazing it was to have Trupanion! We called and were told that 90% would be covered.
    Testimonial text

    -Jennifer P.

    • Total claim amount:


    • Deductible applied:


    • Ineligible costs (exam fee, pet food):


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


  • lotte-testimonials


    Testimonial text
    Lottie’s claims were easy to file and our reimbursement checks arrived quickly. When we had questions, Trupanion’s customer service representatives were sincere, polite, and professional.  We couldn’t be happier with Trupanion.
    Testimonial text

    -Margaret C.

    • Total claim amount:


    • Deductible applied:


    • Ineligible (exam fee):


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


  • matilda-testimonial


    Testimonial text
    When the vet bill came in for Matilda’s first knee surgery I was extremely relieved that Trupanion came through for me and paid for 90% of Matilda’s surgery. Now that Matilda’s other knee is severely symptomatic, I am comforted to know Trupanion is there for us to smooth the way and make it possible for Matilda to live and walk normally again.
    Testimonial text

    -Dave M.

    • Total claim amount:


    • Deductible applied:


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


  • noodle-testimonial


    Testimonial text
    Trupanion helped save Noodle and all the people who love him. I've recommended Trupanion to everyone with a pet, and plan to offer it to my employees and gift a year's worth of coverage to my friends who can't afford plans... I can't thank them enough for their help.
    Testimonial text

    -Brian O. and Michael D.

    • Total claim amount:


    • Deductible applied:


    • Ineligible (exam, pre-existing condition):


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


  • rocky-testimonial


    Testimonial text
    Though Rocky is only a year old, we have filed claims with Trupanion several times. On each occasion, it has been a breeze to be reimbursed and they are very helpful if there are ever questions about eligibility. I couldn't recommend a pet insurance company more highly!
    Testimonial text

    -Penny L.

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    Trupanion repaid:


  • ruby-testimonial


    Testimonial text
    To make a long story short, my sweet Ruby has had multiple surgeries but still lives a very happy albeit slow life. She is my absolute joy, and I owe my continued time with her to Trupanion. Thank you with all my heart for everything you have done for Ruby.
    Testimonial text

    -Jennifer J.

    • Total claim amount:


    • Deductible applied:


    • Ineligible costs (pet food):


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


  • winnie-testimonials


    Testimonial text
    We are so thankful to Trupanion for covering the multiple surgeries Winnie has had. We knew when we got Winnie, she could have health issues related to her breed – an English bulldog. One look at her as a puppy and we knew that she was meant to be ours. We looked into pet insurance and decided to go with Trupanion after reading some of the testimonials. We have not regretted our decision.
    Testimonial text

    -Helen H.

    • Total claim amount:


    • Deductible applied:


    • Ineligible (exam):


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.


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