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Trupanion helps you do what’s best for pets — without worrying about what their owners can afford   


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Trupanion helps make practice more rewarding

You know what’s best for your patients. The Trupanion policy doesn’t offer confusing levels of coverage with hidden clauses and exclusions. The Trupanion policy covers all new injuries and illnesses — including hereditary and congenital conditions. See the full policy for complete terms and conditions.* The Trupanion policy helps provide an important financial bridge between the medicine you want to practice and the treatment pet owners can afford.

Trupanion payout

We have one of the highest payout rates in the industry. We want to make sure that our customers feel the benefit of having great medical insurance with comprehensive coverage for injuries and illnesses.

The Trupanion policy keeps pet owners for longer1

The Trupanion policy has the highest retention rates of any medical insurer of pets — approximately 99% — due to the superior value proposition and customer experience.1 Pet owners love what we do, so they stay with us longer than any other company in the industry.

The plan fits almost any budget

The optional deductible (from $0 - $1,000) allows pet owners to find a premium that works best for them and their budget. Deductibles are paid once per incident for the lifetime of the pet. This especially benefits owners of pets suffering from chronic conditions — they only pay their chosen deductible once for the condition, not every year, visit, or claim.

We make pet insurance easier — for your clients and your hospital

One simple plan. We understand that veterinarians know what’s best for their patients. So we have one plan that is comprehensive, yet simple — covering all injuries and illnesses during a pet’s lifetime.

90% coverage.* The Trupanion plan pays 90% of all coverable costs directly from the hospital invoice with no payout limits. The Trupanion policy pays 90% (less exam fee, applicable deductible, and sales tax) at any veterinary hospital.

No payout limits. The Trupanion policy does not limit the amount of care a pet can receive — it has no limits per incident, per year, or for the lifetime of the pet. 

Don’t worry….

We don’t punish unlucky pets or their owners by increasing premiums or reducing coverage because of claims. All pets, even the unlucky ones, get our policy’s 90% coverage with no payout limits for coverable costs.

Local support is at your door. Your local Territory Partner and our Veterinary Engagement team are ready to help! We’re dedicated to making sure you have a positive experience with Trupanion. Whether you’d like to learn more about the Trupanion policy, get training to help you proactively build a base of insured pets at your hospital, or ask questions about claims, we’re here to support you. We have more than 70 people across North America, along with a team in our office to support all practices.

Practices with Trupanion have seen results2

  • 90-200% more visits
  • 10% increase per invoice
  • 80-180% increase in revenue per pet, per year

Our certificate program helps you seamlessly introduce your clients to Trupanion

Give your clients our certificate after an examination to try out Trupanion with no waiting periods.

Market dynamics & the need to change

Pet owner visits are declining due to these market dynamics.


Historically pet owners visited veterinarians for vaccines, injections, and sick pets. Fees were low and visits were high. Many veterinarians saw 40 - 50 patients per day.


Visits continued to be robust as new game-changing products gained popularity, solving historically problematic conditions. Flea and tick, and parasite control, pain management, and prescription diets.


Visits started declining due to changes in vaccine protocols, rapidly increasing fees (5x inflation). Increasing competition from new channels to acquire veterinary products on the internet and at “big box” stores. Mobile vaccines, non-anesthetic dentals, and other channels with discounted services, pushed clients out of the practice. Annual costs to own a pet grew more than discretionary spending capacity, reducing visits.


Economic downturn and  changing consumer attitudes. As Baby Boomers age they own fewer pets. Increased internet purchasing. Gen Xers and Millennials are more price-sensitive and less trusting consumers. “Dr. Google” often used to answer veterinary questions. The need for the profession to shift to insured patients focusing on medicine, surgery, and diagnostics is critical to transform the profession.

bar chart of average annual spend per petbar chart showing increased visits per year

bar chart showing practice sales and profit

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1Trupanion study comparing internal data with publicly available information.
2Trupanion study of data from partner hospitals.

We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details.