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While it may seem like we're far away, we might be closer than you think. Did you know that we have Trupanion representatives across North America? These representatives are called Territory Partners, and they bring their wealth of pet insurance knowledge to their regular visits to veterinary hospitals in their area.

Our Territory Partners are located throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We're likely in your neighborhood, and we encourage you to get in touch! Simply use the list below to find the Territory Partner closest to you. They are happy to be your point of contact with the company, as well as answer any questions you have about our policy.

Would you like to arrange a visit by your local Territory Partner? Email VetEngage@Trupanion.com.

Territory Partner map

Territory Partners Across the US

Thomas Restuccia | Phoenix, AZ
Diane Pollock | N. Bay, CA
Jean Lew-Martin | Santa Barbara & N. LA, CA
Victoria Ladd | S. Bay & Fresno, CA
Michael Thue | Los Angeles, CA
Nicole Thome | Orange County, CA
Robert Segura | Sacramento, CA
Kim Howard | San Diego, CA
Alex Savinsky | Denver, CO
Susan Proksel | Ft. Collins, CO
John Bacon Jr. | Hartford, CT & Westchester, NY
Erica Thims | Orlando, FL
Valerie DeRoy | S. FL 
Robin Cobb | Fort Meyers, FL
Brad Trader | Jacksonville, FL
Tori Pikula | Honolulu, HI

Rachel Nahrwold | Indianapolis, IN
Lannette Klassen | Kansas City, KS/MO
Keith Naccari | New Orleans, LA
Kevin Campbell | Maryland
Michelle Rosen | Boston, MA, NH, & ME
Marty Orloff | Cape Cod, MA, & RI
Alice Houlihan | Grand Rapids, MI
Rick Montgomery |Minneapolis, MN
Tom Halsall | St. Paul, MN
Scott Sterbenz | Omaha, NE & Des Moines, IA
Kristen Warner | Knoxville, TN/Asheville, NC
Bill Medearis | Charlotte, NC
Burke Earley | Raleigh, NC
Megan Ferraro | Central NJ
Craig Dworkin | N. NJ
Mark Moreau | Las Vegas, NV

Rebecca Fischer | Albany, NY
Lynn & Louis Sepulveda | Long Island, NY
Tom Buch | New York, NY
Charla Blood saw | Cleveland, OH,
Rachel Blankenship | Columbus, OH
David Markham | Oregon
Dawn Schrader | Fort Worth, TX
Pat Peters | Lubbock, TX
Krysti Schneider | San Antonio, TX
Mike Whitaker | Salt Lake City, UT
Matt Roach | Vermont
Ted Carney | Washington, DC & Richmond, VA
Michael Maddox | Virginia Beach, VA
Jense & Lauralee Flaherty | N. Seattle, WA
Holly Hahn | S. Seattle, WA
Melissa Manwell | Spokane, WA
Joe Ellner | Milwaukee, WI

Territory Partner Associates

Genesis Rendon | W. Los Angeles, CA
Jaina Delmas | N. Bay, CA
Beth Roti | San Diego, CA
Pam Krake | San Francisco, CA
Vern Ladd | S. Bay, CA
Morgan Tahara | Denver, CO
Karen Smith | Connecticut
Grace Rickman | Jacksonville, FL
Christine Kwasny | W. Palm Beach to Ft. Pierce, FL
Eugenia Calcano | S. Miami, FL
Lindsay Schanke | Orlando, FL
Lorraine Brunner | South Florida
Sofia Rivera | South Florida
Christine Shuman | Tampa, FL

Nicole Monturo | Atlanta, GA
Patricia McPoland | N. Chicago, IL
Jennifer Witkowsky | S. Chicago, IL
Flavia Vaduva | Indiana
Brittney Wood | New Orleans, LA
Jana Wilkinson | Northern Maine
Asha Gamble | S. Maryland
Tracey Nowers | Massachusetts
Joanna Mcintosh | Detroit, MI
Dyan Baughan | Springfield, MO
Ginger Bodenheimer | Raleigh, NC
Emily Swartzmiller | Raleigh, NC
Jennifer Karey | Maine/New Hamphire
Clara Stevens | Maine/New Hampshire
Linda Landers | New Hampshire

Stephen Ferraro | Central New Jersey
Samantha Thibault | Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, NY
Abby Willms | Corvallis/Eugene, OR
Helen Philips | Portland, OR
Ronna Overman | Portland, OR
Mandi Falcon | Portland, OR
Jonathan Laguna | NE PA
Cecilia Cicchitti | Austin, TX
Christina Gerling | Austin, TX
Mary Samples | Northern VA
Lisa Cooney | Bellingham WA
Taya Maes | S Seattle
Jennifer Madden | SW WA
Rosalyn Hahn | SW WA


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