Thank you.

From the front desk to the exam room, the veterinary community tirelessly advocates for the health and well-being of our pets. As the first and best line of defense for the health of our pets, you play a critical role in their welfare—and ours. Times are tough, and your perseverance and dependability have encouraged us all.

That is why, on Veterinary Appreciation Day™, we want to recognize you and all of your hard work. It is a privilege to work with individuals who are so committed to ensuring our pets remain healthy and happy.

Thank you for the countless hours, the many roles you play, and your unwavering dedication to the pets and the people you comfort, day in, day out. Thank you for helping us navigate pet care challenges and celebrations. Thank you for being engaged and supportive. Thank you for being there.

To say we value you is an understatement.

Forever grateful,

Margi Tooth
President, Trupanion

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