You Can Change the Customer Experience with Claims ExpressTM

By Kerri Marshall, DVM, MBA, Chief Veterinary Officer


You know your customers would prefer it, but are you wary of having to deal with payment delays if you sign up for a vet-direct-pay service?

Claims ExpressTM is vet-direct-pay service that is different.

You can find Trupanion Express information on the bottom left of the Trupanion claim form

  • Your clients will really appreciate not having to pay the whole invoice up front when they have invested in Trupanion –they can focus on their pet, not their finances. Client loyalty scores will improve!

  • You can get paid through electronic fund transfers (EFT), which can shave time off of the payment cycle.

  • You can get pre approval for treatments so that you know in advance what we will cover.

  • Your client experience improves because you can provide the best medicine for which you were trained, and your clients can afford to pay (10% + deductible + exam fee + taxes) without having to shop around or choose between family and finances.

Plus, you get all of the other benefits: you don’t lose money to credit card companies by paying the 2-3% fees on credit card purchases. It is efficient and streamlined.

And it’s easy: just check the appropriate box on our claim form and send it to us via email or fax.

Call 855.266.2151 to find out more about how Claims Express can work for you.

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