Trupanion Adds Denise Petryk, DVM, MBA to Their Team

By Kerri Marshall, DVM, MBA, Chief Veterinary Officer

vun-denise-petrykAs a veterinarian with a passion for helping animals, I’m often asked why I would leave my practice to work for an insurance provider. I always tell people that I was searching for an even better way to help pet owners keep their pets in their family for as long as possible.

Now people are asking my friend and colleague the same question. Because after over 20 years of saving lives and many years of practice ownership, Denise Petryk, DVM decided to hang-up her stethoscope and become a part of the diverse and remarkable Trupanion team. Her answer to this question is similar to mine:

"Trupanion WILL be the way veterinarians help more and more animals and pet owners. Trupanion is the key to our profession regaining the income that has been lost since vaccination protocols changed, online and big box pharmacies eroded practice drug sales, and the financial downturn irreparably changed societies spending patterns. I save more lives every day NOW than I ever did as an ER doc and practice owner."

Trupanion’s decision to add more veterinarians with clinical and business experience to the team represents yet another innovative move by our veterinary-centric company. With a mere 1 - 2% of the 180 million pet dogs and cats in North America insured, it’s time all veterinarians consider embracing the importance of medical insurance for pets. Dr. Petryk’s role at Trupanion is to help veterinarians like you become the fragment of our profession that is perceived as visionary or at the very least, a part of the early majority. When we critically examine how the competition in your neighborhood has intensified, one of the key tools for growth and increased income that you have ready access to, is Trupanion. The most exciting and growing veterinary practices distinguish themselves from the others based upon their ability to recognize and adopt the disruptive innovation that is Trupanion.

As Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Petryk is playing a critical role in providing a veterinary perspective on the claims process. She directly oversees the training of the claims department, the quality control audits, and the intense appeals process. These portions of the claims department need the insight of an experienced veterinarian in that Trupanion mitigates risk by carefully evaluating each and every claim. Is that vomiting episode in a puppy truly related to the development of severe food hypersensitivity at age two? Our superstar, veterinary-knowledge-rich claims specialists may or may not know when to best connect or disconnect pre-existing signs from post-policy illnesses or conditions. Dr. Petryk helps the Trupanion team with these decisions and is here to help our visionary and early-adopting veterinarians better understand our policy. Do not hesitate to email Dr. Petryk any time with any question!


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