Seasonal Allergies in Pets Peak Much Later Than in Humans

By Britta Gidican, PR Manager

Pet Allergies Peak in August

It is no secret that allergies hit humans hard in the spring. Most pet owners assume allergies affect their pets at the same time too, but recent data from Trupanion showed that allergies affect pets later in the year.

We analyzed pet health data from our database and found pet allergies peak in late summer — specifically August. The combination of allergic responses with the increase in dry, warm temperatures adds to the discomfort and expression of seasonal allergies.


As you know, pets can be allergic to almost all of the same allergens as people, aside from pet dander. Some breeds are more prone to allergens than others, especially flat-faced breeds, like English and French Bulldogs. After sifting through our data, we learned that these two breeds, and Westies (West Highland White Terriers) are the dog breeds most prone to allergies.

When costs for the unexpected are covered by Trupanion, pet owners will often spend more on ancillary products and services, which also benefits your practice as they engage in keeping their pet healthy and happy.

Top 12 Dog Breeds Most Prone to Allergies

  1. English Bulldog

  2. French Bulldog

  3. West Highland White Terrier

  4. American Bulldog

  5. Basset Hound

  6. Rhodesian Ridgeback

  7. American Pit Bull Terrier

  8. Shiba Inu

  9. Bichon Frise

  10. Boston Terrier

  11. Miniature Poodle

  12. Yorkiepoo

To help pet owners provide their pets with the best possible treatment for allergies, Trupanion covers 90% of eligible veterinary costs, including medications and diagnostic tests for allergic reactions.* Trupanion covers tests and medications related to allergies.

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