Tru Story: TeddyBear

By: Heather Kalinowski, Communications Director

We are in the business of helping pets – and daily, we receive emails and social media posts with stories of pets in the Trupanion family. We love hearing these stories; they keep us going and remind us why we come to work every day.

We want to share one of these stories with you. TeddyBear’s human, Rhonda, recently sent in this story after TeddyBear fully recovered from an unexpected hospitalization.

“About three years ago, my husband and I moved our four children to Texas. We also have three fur-babies in the family and quickly found ourselves looking for a good veterinarian. We chose Dr. Thurmond of The WellPet Center. It was upon his advice that we went with Trupanion for pet insurance. Having never used pet insurance before, I was not completely sold on the need for it. He assured us Trupanion had a really great program and it would be a worthwhile investment in our pets’ long-term health.

In May, my 6 year old Pomeranian, TeddyBear, became ill with pancreatitis. Under Dr. Thurmond’s care he soon seemed to pop back to health—so it was a bit of a shock when just a little over a month later he took a sudden turn for the worse. This time, Dr. Thurmond had him admitted to a local veterinary hospital. Emergency surgery revealed TeddyBear had developed a well-sealed pancreatic abscess that hadn’t shown up in blood tests. It seemed that overnight our little guy went from happy-go-lucky to fighting for his life for 10 long days.

It also seemed that the bills started to mount.

Dealing with Trupanion was simple. They were a helpful extension of the great care I had already been provided. And because The WellPet Center handled the paperwork after I opened the claim, it was all very seamless. We knew we were covered.

Had it not been for Trupanion, we may have had to make a very hard decision regarding TeddyBear’s care. Thankfully that was a conversation we did not need to have, and this face still greets us every morning.

With deepest appreciation, we thank Trupanion!”

Teddy Bear - Elizabeth Elliott - RESIZED


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