Trupanion Supports Animal Charities with TruGiving Program

By Heather Kalinowski, Public Relations Manager


In 2013, Trupanion donated over $138,000 to animal charities across the US and Canada. This includes over $45,000 to animal shelters through our Shelter Support Program. This program has been incredibly successful in helping animal shelters raise money, which goes right back to the animals in the form of food, toys, or improvements in technology and infrastructure.

In addition to providing financial support directly to the animal shelter, our Shelter Support Program helps end the homeless pet epidemic by allowing new pet owners the financial freedom to care for their pets if they become sick or injured. In the past year, we found the most common types of claims we received for pets in the program were related to respiratory issues, gastrointestinal conditions (especially foreign body ingestions), and fractures. We have paid out almost $100,000 worth of claims to newly adoptive pet owners who initially activated a Trupanion policy through the Shelter Support Program. The most expensive claims were related to gastrointestinal conditions and fractures.

We also support and work with several respected animal charities across North America. Every month, our pet-passionate “family” of employees and policyholders donate to the following organizations:

The American Humane Association ensures the welfare, wellness, and wellbeing of animals through programs like the Second Chance Fund, Red Star Rescue, No Animals Were Harmed, and the Hero Dog Awards.

The Farley Foundation assists seniors, disabled persons on limited incomes, and women at risk of abuse with costs associated with veterinary care for their pets.

The Seeing Eye, Inc. is the oldest existing guide dog school in the world.

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health issue in dogs through research grants to find cures, better treatments, and more cost-effective diagnoses.

Noah’s Wish is dedicated exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters throughout the United States and Canada.

National Mill Dog Rescue rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes discarded breeding dogs.

Hope for Wildlife educates the public and rehabilitates wildlife to promote a sustainable future.

BC SPCA Biscuit Fund for Medical Care provides life-saving and important medical treatment for homeless and wild animals in the care of the British Columbia SPCA.

For more information, including an infographic showing where our donations go each month, visit Trupanion.com/TruGiving.

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