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Trupanion Pet Insurance for Puppies and Kittens

At Trupanion we have a love for pets, and we know just how important it is for breeders to give their litters the best possible start in life. The Trupanion Breeder Support program helps us to work together with responsible breeders to help puppies and kittens live longer, healthier lives. It's quick and easy to sign up, and there is no cost to participate. Once on board, breeders can send their puppies and kittens home with 30 days of coverage, which helps provide peace of mind as they settle into their new homes. Additionally, you can earn rewards for participation to support your kennel or cattery.

As you are certainly aware, puppies and kittens can be mischievous. Which is why we advocate pet insurance coverage from a young age, when pets are most vulnerable. Injuries and illnesses are scary and can come with unexpected costs, but health insurance can help. Plus, with Trupanion there are no payout limits. Simply put, Trupanion working with responsible breeders means that together, we can help create happy, healthy homes for dogs and cats everywhere.


Trupanion provides breeders with:

  • Certificates for every puppy/kitten you send home
  • Ongoing support and reporting
  • Earn points for each certificate application
  • Confidence that you are sending your pets to their new homes with a great start

For puppy/kitten buyers:

  • 30 days of coverage
  • Coverage begins at activation, and is available at any veterinary hospital, emergency care center, or specialty hospital in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • 90% coverage*
  • No payout limits


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    The x-rays, surgeries, medications and check-up visits to our veterinarian totaled over $10,000 and Trupanion paid 90%. Without Trupanion, we don’t know how we would have paid for Bella's treatment... Thanks to Trupanion for all they are doing for Bella.
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    -Lynda S.

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    • Deductible applied:


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:


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    Testimonial text
    We would have not been able to afford or support Boone the way we needed to without the help of Trupanion and our veterinarian... Our Boone Dog is home, getting better every day, and thriving because of Trupanion. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this company.
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    -Stacie H.

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    • Deductible applied:


    • Ineligible (exam, preventives):


    • 10% co-insurance:


    Trupanion repaid:



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