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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance helps provide peace of mind in case the unfortunate should happen. Its purpose is to help cover the costs of unexpected accidents and illnesses that may occur in the future. Unfortunately, it will not cover any current conditions your pet may have which are known as pre-existing conditions. This means that the ideal time to insure your pet is as early as possible so that anything that happens in the future will be covered.

Why get health insurance for dogs and cats?

Pet insurance is for those who want to provide their pet the best medical care possible with less worry about cost. When your insured pet becomes sick or injured, you take him to the veterinary hospital for treatment. You then submit your invoice along with the pet health insurance claim form to be reimbursed at a percentage, less your chosen deductible. It helps provide financial peace of mind and can help pet owners with the difficult decision of treatment vs. 'economic' euthanasia.

How do I get pet insurance?

You can sign up your pet(s) by simply filling out the quote form and selecting your custom deductible to decide on the right premium for you. If you prefer, you can also enroll over the phone by calling 888-733-2685.

Full coverage will become effective after the waiting periods have passed. Our waiting periods are 5 days for accidents and 30 days for illnesses which begin retroactively at midnight on the day you sign up. Once these periods have passed, your coverage is in full effect should an accident or illness occur.

Learn more about Trupanion on the Policy Overview page. Find out what is covered in our pet health insurance FAQ section.