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Cat Insurance

Unfortunately, statistics show that 50 percent of pets will suffer a major healthcare crisis in their lifetime1. These serious health conditions include heart disease and cancer, and can be devastating to a family. In addition, cats are also susceptible to chronic health conditions like hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. These chronic conditions often come with a lifetime of treatment, such as life-long medication or monthly check-ups with a veterinarian. But the good news is that all of these conditions are more easily treated than ever before with recent advances in veterinary care.

But even with these new veterinary options available, the cost that comes with this advanced level of care is high and many times not within a family’s budget. That is why cat insurance makes so much sense. With cat insurance, cat owners can rest assured that the financial strain can be lessened so they can make decisions based primarily on what is the best option for their cat, not which option is within their budgetary restraints.

1Source: Survey: "Trupanion's Use of Addressable Minds," April 2010, conducted for Trupanion pet insurance provider by Onufrey Group LLC

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By obtaining the best cat insurance available, you will have peace of mind that in case of an illness or accident, your cat can be well cared for without a financial burden. Trupanion offers one simple insurance plan for your cat with 90% coverage and no payout limits. Monthly cat insurance premiums are based on your location, cat’s breed, cat's gender and age at time of enrollment.

Cost Without
Trupanion Would Cover:
With a
$0 Deductible
With a
$500 Deductible
With a
$1000 Deductible
Foreign body
$5,658 $5,093 $4,643 $4,193
Hit by Car $1,987 $1,788 $1,338 $888
Heart Failure
$2,067 $1,861 $1,411 $961
Eating a
poisonous plant
$2,247 $2,022 $1,572 $1,122