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Because you believe in Trupanion and what we do to help cats and dogs receive the best care, we hope you'll share Trupanion with your friends and family.

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As a valued member of the Trupanion family, you likely know what sets us apart from the rest. With only about 1% of pets in the US and Canada protected by insurance, you can make a difference by telling your friends about your experience with Trupanion.1


Two dachshundsBrutus & Kyrin – The Troublesome Two

A Trupanion policy helps protect your pet and wallet should the unexpected happen. At a party one evening, a pet owner shared the value of a Trupanion policy with a friend. Luckily the friend enrolled both pets soon after and was able to provide the best care possible when the unexpected happened.

“Soon after we brought our second dachshund home, we heard a horrifying tale of a friend’s dog who had to undergo spinal survey to the tune of $6,000. We left the party that night and immediately declared that we would insure both of our pets 'just in case.' It turns out that was the best choice we ever made.”

- Brutus, Kyrin, and their two very grateful humans and owners 

Brutus: Neck pain, disc extrusion
Kyrin: Disc herniation
Trupanion paid: $21,600

1. StoneRidge Advisors, View from the Ridge, Aug. 2013

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