Woman in orange sweater holds black dogWoman in orange sweater holds black dog

#1 in America, chosen by veterinarians

  • Can pay your hospital in seconds

  • No payout caps

  • Go to any veterinarian!

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#1 in America, chosen by veterinarians

  • Can pay your hospital in seconds

  • No payout caps

  • Go to any veterinarian!

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Source: Survey commissioned by dvm360, from April 19-
June 9, 2022. Read more.

There's pet insurance - then there's Trupanion

Trupanion goes beyond traditional pet insurance for cats and dogs. With clear coverage and unlimited payouts for care, you don’t have to worry about your best friend’s unexpected veterinary costs.

What does a Trupanion policy cover?

We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details.

The best time to get coverage is now!

We know it sounds cliché, but there’s no better time than the present to protect your pet for life and ensure new illnesses and injuries are covered (learn about pre-existing conditions).


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We ease financial stress for pet parents

We've paid out nearly $2 billion in claims since our founding in 1998. That's a lot of dogs and cats getting the care they need!

Dallas the dog


Vale, OR

Cruciate Ligament Tear, Cancer


saved with Trupanion

Brooklyn the dog


Irvine, CA

Cruciate Ligament Tear, Liver Condition


saved with Trupanion

Butters the cat


Gladstone, OR

Liver Disease, IBD, Heart Disease, Pica, Hyperthyroidism


saved with Trupanion

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Even the healthiest pups get
sick sometimes.

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Indoor cats are still at risk for

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You have questions. We have answers.

Check out our insurance FAQs or call us at 855.210.8749

In the meantime, here's what we're often asked:

Are routine veterinary visits covered?

No, and that's because we want to make sure your coverage goes where it counts the most. By covering all eligible new and unexpected illnesses and injuries (instead of routine costs like wellness visits and preventative care) we enable you to budget more easily for your pet's care.

What veterinary hospitals can my pet go to?

Any one you like! Some pet health insurance providers limit you to a “veterinary network” of animal hospitals, but we believe your pet deserves the best care regardless of location. With Trupanion, you're free to go to any licensed veterinarian in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Will my coverage be reduced for seeing a specialist or emergency animal hospital?

No, your coverage percentage will never be reduced if your pet is referred to a specialist or emergency animal hospital. We want your furry friend to get the care they need!

Do you offer multi-pet deals or other pet insurance discounts?

No, and that's because we go above and beyond traditional pet insurance. Instead of relying on discounts and other gimmicks from reduced coverage or increased general rates, we provide quality pet medical insurance at the best value premiums possible from the get-go.

Is hip dysplasia covered?

Yes. Although some pet insurance providers do not cover hip dysplasia, this coverage is built into Trupanion's core policy. Both large and small dogs may develop this genetic disorder, and our medical insurance will cover it as long as it is not pre-existing.

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Your pet is your family. Now you
can protect them like it.

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