Woman believes in getting the best pet insurance for her dog and cat who sit with herA woman holds a cat and pets a dogWoman believes in getting the best pet insurance for her dog and cat who sit with her

Trupanion offers more than traditional pet insurance

Trupanion was created to help your four-legged family members get the care they need when they’re sick or injured. When your pet is unwell, the last thing you want to think about is the cost of medical care. Insurance will help take care of that financial burden so you can focus on getting your pet quality veterinary care. When it comes to cats and dogs, they deserve a lifetime of nothing but the best.

Our love of cats and dogs is why we provide comprehensive coverage for pets and strive to offer an exceptional insurance experience for pet owners. We can approve and pay bills directly to select veterinary hospitals within minutes, our customer care team is available to assist 24/7, and we have trained veterinary professionals working throughout our company to help us better understand the medical issues pets face. Because of these unique offerings, we consider ourself a step above traditional pet insurance and prefer to be known as medical insurance for cats and dogs. No matter what you choose to call us, rest assured that our policy has what it takes to help protect your pet.

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All pets get the best coverage we have to offer under our one simple plan.
Veterinarian hospital accepting pet medical insurance


Let us pay your bill directly to your veterinarian—just pay your portion and we take care of the rest. 
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Your pet receives unlimited lifetime insurance coverage without caps.
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Our plan covers 90%* of actual veterinary costs for eligible claims once you meet the deductible.
Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details.

Quality care when it matters most

Our policy is our promise that we will support you and your pet during difficult times. You can visit any veterinarian, specialty center, or emergency hospital in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Once you submit a claim, we'll cover 90% of eligible expenses, you're responsible for your deductible and the remaining 10%. When it comes to the unexpected, we'll be there for life. You're only responsible for the routine and preventive care, the costs you expect to pay as a dog owner.

If you have any questions or comments about what our medical insurance covers, call our award-winning customer care team any time, we'll be here 24/7.

What's covered

  • Illnesses & injuries
  • Hereditary & congenital conditions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital stays
  • Medications
  • Veterinary supplements
  • Prosthetic devices & carts

Waiting periods

Coverage is applicable to new injuries or illnesses that occur after waiting periods.

 Trupanion pet insurance (cat insurance and dog insurance) have waiting periods that last 5 days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses

Waiting periods are waived when activating a certificate from your veterinarian.

What's not covered

  • Exam fees
  • Sales tax where applicable
  • Wellness & preventive care
  • Pre-existing conditions (an illness or condition which occurred or showed symptoms prior to your pet's coverage effective date)
Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details.

Peace of mind starts here

Pets deserve the best in life, but that doesn't always stop accidents and illnesses from happening. With Trupanion by your side, you can focus on giving your pet the best quality care without adding a large financial burden during a stressful time.

With 24/7 award-winning customer support, and vet direct pay, Trupanion has what it takes to help protect you and your pet.


"I can't say enough as a veterinary professional and as a pet owner about the peace of mind Trupanion gives when there is a question about whether to go to the veterinarian or not. Any doubts are quickly erased because we know we are covered."

- Margaret C., pet parent of Joey


"Trupanion was prompt reviewing records and issuing payment, especially with Trupanion Express, which allowed payment directly to the hospital so we didn’t have large out-of-pocket expenses."

- Michael P., pet parent of Camden


"Every time you call Trupanion customer service with questions you can tell that employees are smiling when they answer the phone. They are knowledgeable and helpful and have been able to ease any stress or concerns I have had during these stressful situations."

- Coleman and Chelsea S., pet parents to Marley


"If you have any doubts at all about insurance just look at your pet and answer this: Would you be willing to give up their life just because you couldn't afford the bill? The doctors saved Rosie, but Trupanion allowed it to happen."

- Billie-Jo W., pet parent of Rosie

Above all, we help loving pet owners achieve peace of mind

At every age and stage of a pet's life there is a chance they could develop an unexpected condition. When you have a Trupanion policy, you have peace of mind that if an unexpected accident or illness occurs, your pet can get top quality care.

“We have insurance for ourselves, we have insurance for our kids, so it makes sense to have insurance for our dogs."

"With Trupanion, I could just say, "do what you need to do," and that's worth its weight in gold.”

- Goldy's Owner

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