The inspiration for Trupanion, my childhood dog Mitzy

My name is Darryl, and I had the idea for Trupanion when I was only 14 years old
I’ve been a pet-lover from a young age. When I was little, my family had a beautiful black dog named Mitzy.

One day, my family rushed Mitzy to the emergency veterinarian where we learned she had a twisted stomach. At only two years old, she needed surgery to save her life. It was a relatively routine procedure, but my family just didn’t have the $7,000 to afford her surgery.

I was heartbroken when Mitzy passed.

Growing up, I never forgot her or how preventable her death was. I knew there had to be a better way of handling a problem faced by so many pet owners – how to fund unexpected veterinary costs.

Mitzy, Darryl's childhood dog
Darryl and his dog Monty on Darryl's boat

The first days working for Trupanion were spent on my boat, The Brisa. Monty and I would work for hours, then nap on the deck in the sunshine. It wasn’t a bad life.

Eventually, I was able to move off the boat and into an office. I insured my first pet (Monty, of course) in 2000, then insured 100 pets in 2001, and 1,000 pets in 2002. Slowly, I saw my dream come true – pet owners could now afford life-saving coverage for their cats and dogs and veterinarians could practice the best medicine. Today, Trupanion has grown to a team of around 500 employees, with nearly .5 million insured cats and dogs, and relationships with over 20,000 veterinarians in the US and Canada.

The Trupanion policy offers high-quality medical insurance meant for the lifetime of cats and dogs, to help protect the pets we all love receive the best veterinary care.

  • Our plan offers 90% coverage with no payout limits to every enrolled pet, because no pet owner should feel financially overwhelmed in a time of need.
  • We work side-by-side with veterinarians to make sure we offer one simple policy that has what it takes to serve every pet.
  • We’ve even revolutionized the pet insurance industry by simplifying and speeding up the claims process. With vet direct pay, we can pay our portion of the bill directly to veterinarians in as little as 5 minutes. It’s just one more way we help take the financial burden off of loving pet owners.

Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details

Eventually, I was able to move off the boat and into an office. I hired my first employee, Ronaye Verigin. We went from our first insured pet (Monty, of course) in 2000, to 100 pets in 2001, to 1,000 pets in 2002.

Today, we have about 500 employees located all over the US and Canada, including Ronaye, who stayed with me through the entire journey. We now insure over 350,000 cats and dogs and work with over 20,000 veterinarians across North America to make the best pet health insurance plan possible.

I truly believe that if Mitzy had Trupanion pet medical insurance all those years ago, she would have lived a much longer and healthier life.

Darryl's signature

Darryl Rawlings, Founder and CEO

Trupanion founder and CEO, Darryl Rawlings, playing with a black lab

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