A young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kitten
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Trupanion is the best pet insurance in America chosen by veterinarians.

Vet Survey: Trupanion is America’s #1 Medical Insurance for Pets

By: Trupanion Staff

In a nationwide survey by dvm360, veterinarians chose Trupanion as the top provider of health insurance to dogs and cats. Here’s how Trupanion revolutionized pet care.

a Norwegian forest cat sits outdoors in an autumn setting

Fall Dangers for Dogs & Cats to Watch Out For

By: Brianna Gunter

Changing weather means new risks for dogs and cats to be aware of. Stay on top of these autumn safety tips for pets to keep your pal safe this season.

A black Labrador retriever dog waiting at back to school time and looking out a white window.

9 Ways to Help Pets with Back-to-School Blues

By: Trupanion Staff

Dogs (and cats!) can have a hard time when kids go back to school and the house gets quieter. Luckily, there are ways to help your pal this time of year.

Famous dog statue of Hachiko in Shibuya, Japan.

A List of Famous Dogs From Past to Present

By: Brianna Gunter

From real-life canine heroes to animal actors and modern social media pups, some dogs are worthy of attention far and wide. Here’s a fun list of famous dogs.

Close up of a black cat with signs of matted fur.

How to Get Rid of Matted Cat Hair: Causes and Solutions

By: Kelli Rascoe & Trupanion Staff

There are several reasons cats get matted fur, though long-haired cats may be most at risk. Use these vet-approved tips to get rid of matted cat hair for good.

Four black and white dogs look down from atop a cement wall.

What is the Best Age to Get Pet Insurance for Dogs?

By: Brianna Gunter

Dog insurance can be life-saving for your pet, but is your pal old enough? Real pet insurance claims data shows the best age to get dog health insurance.

A male veterinary staff member wearing a mask preps a dog for pet surgery.

Pet Surgery: What to Expect, How to Help Dogs and Cats Recover

By: Brianna Gunter

Pet surgery can be stressful for any dog or cat parent. Read on for veterinary advice on what to expect and how to help pets recover quickly and safely.

Yellow Labrador Retriever sits near a blue vacuum

Why Your Pet Hates Vacuums (and What to Do About it)

By: Brianna Gunter

Do vacuums scare dogs and cats? If your pet acts uncomfortable around this necessary household cleaning device, there may be multiple reasons why.

Orange cat having his ears examined by a veterinarian

How to Tell if Your Cat Has an Ear Infection

By: Brianna Gunter

Does your cat have an ear infection? It can be tough to tell, but our veterinary advice covers 7 signs to watch for, risks, and treatments that can help.

Multi colored cat and dog looking at camera

How to Include Pets in Your Estate Plan (And Why It’s Important!)

By: Brianna Gunter

Including pets in your estate plan is the best way to protect dogs and cats in the event you’re no longer able to provide care. Here’s what you need to know.

A Boston terrier dog sleeps next to a face mask and a thermometer.

Can Pets Get COVID? What the Science Says

By: Brianna Gunter

With new COVID-19 variants and outbreaks, the lingering pandemic has many pet parents wondering if cats and dogs can get COVID and how to protect them.

A hand posts a lost dog flyer with a reward on a pole.

What to Do if Your Pet Goes Missing

By: Brianna Gunter

Acting quickly is key to recovering a missing pet. Following these pro tips will help you find a lost dog or cat and avoid wasting search time.

A group of dogs of different sizes sit together

What Size Dog Should I Get? A Quiz for Prospective Pet Owners!

By: Brianna Gunter

There are three main dog sizes to choose from. But is a small, medium, or large sized canine the right pet for you? This dog size quiz will help!

A white dog with purple ears gets its fur dyed by a groomer

Is it Okay to Dye Your Pet’s Fur? What Dog and Cat Parents Need to Know

By: Brianna Gunter

Wondering about dyeing your dog or cat fun new colors? Before reaching for the pet fur dye, read this to make sure you’re being safe.

A white dog and a black and white cat pose together

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pet Name

By: Brianna Gunter

Trying to come up with unique pet names can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be when you follow these tips for naming dogs and cats.

A tabby cat lays with a paw outstretched, sharp claws out

Interested in Declawing Your Cat? Read this First

By: Brianna Gunter

Declawing a cat creates soft paws, but it can mean a lot of problems for your pet. Should cats be declawed? Here’s what all pet owners need to know.

A domestic shorthair cat looks down into a litter box

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor (and Prevent Future Incidents!)

By: Brianna Gunter

A cat peeing outside of the litter box is never fun, especially when the urine odor lingers. Learn how to clean properly and prevent future bad behavior.

A chocolate lab sits in a green field with his tongue out

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

By: Brianna Gunter

CBD oils have become popular in recent years, including as anxiety and arthritis treatments for pets. But is CBD safe for your dog or cat?

close-up of a cat sleeping during daytime in a pile of purple blankets

Cats are Nocturnal: Truth or Common Misconception?

By: Kelli Rascoe & Trupanion Staff

Are cats really nocturnal creatures, or is it a common misconception? Find out when cats are most active and what feline sleep schedules are really like.

Two Siamese cats touch noses affectionately

The Top 9 Friendliest Cat Breeds

By: Brianna Gunter

All cats can be cuddly companions, but some breeds tend to like humans more than others. Here are the top 9 friendliest cats.

Small white dog wearing a cone around neck

How Does Pet Health Insurance Work?

By: Kelli Rascoe

Thinking of getting medical coverage for your best friend? Learn more about how does pet health insurance work and the benefit of a Trupanion policy.

A dog and cat snuggle

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