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Trupanion Deductible: What You Need to Know

By: Kelli Rascoe

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Wondering how the Trupanion deductible works? Trupanion’s unique deductible is core to the value of a Trupanion policy. If you’re unfamiliar with medical insurance for pets or are a new pet owner, it’s important to understand the value of medical insurance for pets and how a Trupanion policy is different from others. Also, as a responsible pet owner, it’s incredibly important to know the costs you could face and prepare yourself to be financially responsible in regards to your pet’s medical care. Learn more about what your Trupanion deductible is and what the Trupanion policy offers your pet through lifetime coverage.

The importance of the Trupanion deductible

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What is a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of the cost that you are responsible for as the pet owner, before your medical insurance kicks in for your pet. Also, the deductible must be met before you would see any type of reimbursement.

For example, your pet has a procedure that costs $200, and your deductible is $100. As the pet owner, you must satisfy the deductible ($100), then Trupanion will cover the portion agreed upon after the deductible is met.

A Trupanion deductible: a lifetime of difference

The Trupanion deductible is different from other pet insurance plans available. Most pet insurance plans offer an annual deductible. Rather, Trupanion offers a per medical condition lifetime deductible.

For instance, with each condition that your pet has, they will meet that deductible once. Likewise, once you meet the Trupanion deductible for that condition, it is for the pet’s lifetime.

To illustrate, if your puppy has allergies, and you have $100 deductible, once you meet that $100 deductible, it is meant for the pet’s lifetime for allergies. Naturally, this includes the cost of treatment, medications, any surgeries or hospital stays associated with your puppy’s allergy condition.

So, you pay $100 deductible for the condition, for the lifetime of your coverage. It is not $100 per year, like other pet insurance.

Trupanion deductible: What we offer

A Trupanion policy offers not only a per conditional lifetime deductible but also, a flexible deductible that you can choose. In addition, you can customize the deductible to cater to your financial needs.

For example, our deductible’s start at zero and go upwards to $1,000 in five dollar increments.

Additionally – take into consideration your pet’s age, gender, and breed before you select a deductible. Accordingly, if you have a Labrador Retriever puppy you might pick a different deductible than if you have a Domestic Shorthair Cat. Also, if you are in a multi-pet household, you can customize different deductibles for each of your pets.

Peace of mind

A Trupanion deductible offers the peace of mind that if you need to seek medical care for your pet, you can, and know what you are financially responsible for. Besides the flexibility of choosing your own deductible, it allows for the assurance that if your pet has a lifetime condition, that deductible only has to be met once. Above all, there are no payout limits, so if you have an unlucky pet, we are still there for you.

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Flexible for your family

The Trupanion deductible covers a customizable and flexible portion of the cost that you can get the best care for your pet, but still consider your financial needs. Also, medical insurance gives you the peace of mind your pet is covered for their lifetime. Your pets are family and deserve coverage that can truly last a lifetime.

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

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