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Walking Dogs in Rain: Six Essential Tips

By: Kelli Rascoe

Corgi walking through the rain with his owner

The first day of spring is right around the corner, literally! Naturally, you’re ready to embrace the sunshine and warm weather with your furry friends. Rather, the start of spring can play a number on us, since across much of North America it actually marks the start of the rainy season. Granted, whether you have a new puppy in your household or a doting senior, walking your dogs in rain is one of the many responsibilities of pet ownership. Don’t worry, sunny days are coming soon. As we look towards the start of the spring season, we sat down with our Trupanion pet program team to learn more about some necessary equipment and safety tips to utilize while walking dogs in spring showers.

Six necessary tips for walking dogs in rain

Yellow dog walks with his owner in the rain

1. Weather-appropriate clothing

The saying goes with, “April showers bring May flowers”. Rain is definitely in the forecast. Certainly, the unpredictability of inclement weather can occur anytime, even if it’s not typical in your region this time of year. So, always make sure you have weather-appropriate clothing for your furry friends, as well as yourself. Also, raincoats and rain boots for your pups can keep them happy and dry, and not to mention adorable.

2. Keep paws dry

If you opt not to put rain boots on your furry friend, definitely make sure to properly dry their paws after the walk. Some pups don’t like wearing rain boots, but dry paws are imperative for their health. If you can convince them to don some footgear, it will keep your pet’s paws dry and avoids slipping, falling, and keeps their paws in good condition. In addition, it also helps you keep your house clean, with no decorative muddy paw prints!

3. Visibility

Visibility is one of the most important safety aspects of walking dogs in rain. In essence, your visibility protects you and your pups from a potentially unsafe situation. In addition, “wear bright colors or have reflective strips on your gear, to make sure you are still visible to traffic,” points out Trupanion pet program manager, J. Marmol. Also, be mindful of what time you choose to take your walks, as it might be darker outside so plan accordingly.

4. Shorten the walks

While walking your dogs in rain, keep your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. Likewise, “if there is heavy rain, shorten the walks, and allow for interactive playtime indoors. Naturally, if it’s a lighter rain, enjoy the fun outdoors,” says Marmol. Essentially, monitor your pet’s activity and if they are uncomfortable with the conditions, make accommodations for their health and safety.

5. Awareness of puddles and pet health safety

Fresh rain can carry a lot of dirt, debris, oil, and other pet health safety concerns. In addition, your pet’s wellness could be jeopardized from drinking out of contaminated puddles. For instance, diseases like Leptospirosis can be contracted from drinking from standing puddles. “Be mindful of your pet’s activity outdoors, and bring fresh water with you at all times to avoid over-heating,” states Marmol.

6. Seasonal allergies alert

The spring season is here, which means seasonal allergies are all around us. Certainly, be mindful of your pet’s behavior and monitor for any signs of spring allergies. If you feel your pet might be affected by seasonal allergies, check in with your veterinarian about your concerns.

Walking dogs in rain: a bonding time to get outdoors together

Walking dogs in rain is a necessary part of being a responsible pet owner, and getting outdoors is a great health benefit for all parties. By keeping your pet’s health and safety in mind and wearing pet-appropriate clothing, your next spring walk will be the highlight of your pet’s day. Certainly, a wonderful opportunity to bond together and enjoy everything the spring season has to offer with our best mates.

For more on your pet’s health, check out this Pet Care Guide.

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