A young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kittenA young Asian girl nuzzles noses with a tabby kitten
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Why Do Cat’s Sleep So Much? Cat Owner Questions Answered

By: Kelli Rascoe

A tan cat snuggles underneath a blanket to sleep

It may be no surprise to find your furry friend taking a nap. After all, most cats are known for appreciating a good snooze. While all cats and kittens may enjoy sleeping, some may choose to rest more than others. If you’re a new cat owner, you may find yourself asking, “Why do cat’s sleep so much?” To help learn more on the topic, we sat down with Trupanion veterinarian Dr. Sarah Nold to find more about why cats sleep so much and the benefits of some quality downtime.

Why do cats sleep so much?

Your cat or kitten may have a lot of energy, so naturally they may choose to sleep. While your furry family members are active, there may be many different reasons why they’re resting. Nold points out an observation when it comes to cats and sleeping.

“Most people with cats would agree that cats seem to spend most of their time sleeping or grooming. My guess is that this is so they can conserve energy for hunting.”

Also, other factors that may determine your cat’s sleeping schedule include their age, breed, or if they have any medical conditions. Further, every cat is different and may choose to recharge in different ways.

Orange and white striped kitten

When are cats most active?

So when are your kitten or cat most active? If they’re asleep most the day, when do they get out, explore, and play? In fact, cats are curious, and may prefer to explore alone. Nold breaks down some reasons for their activity.

“Cats are evolutionarily nocturnal. When you have them in your home, you ask them to live according to your daytime schedules and so they become more active during the day. If your cat insists on being more active at night, especially if it’s a change from normal behavior, talk to your veterinarian.“

Further, your cat’s behavior may indicate something more is going on. If you notice a difference in your cat’s usual routine or schedule, consider writing down the changes and let your veterinarian know. They can determine the next best steps for your furry friend. For more on cats and nocturnal, click here.

Do cats dream?

Cats and kittens may do a lot of things in their sleep, but do they dream? If you’ve ever noticed your cat twitching or moving their paws, there may be something more to tell. For example, “we don’t know whether cats dream. However, they do have REM sleep and my guess is that they do dream,” says Nold. For an additional resource, check out this cat dream guide here.

A cat snuggles with a little stuffed animal

Do cats snore?

Cats and kittens make noises all the time, which may include while they sleep. While every cat is different, is it possible they may snore? In fact, your cat’s breed may play a role in any noises that they make. Nold weighs in on the topic of cats and snoring.

“Cats can snore and this may even be considered “normal” in brachycephalic breeds. Also, snoring is more common in obese cats. Snoring should be investigated by your veterinarian to determine if treatment is necessary, especially if your cat is a non-brachycephalic breed or there are other upper respiratory issues like sneezing, nasal discharge or mouth breathing.”

For an additional resource about brachycephalic cat breeds, click here.

Black and white cat snuggles with his owner and a coffee mug

Why do cats sleep so much? They may enjoy the downtime and find it relaxing

Whether your cat is happily napping, playfully dreaming, or maybe even snoring, your furry friend’s rest is important to their overall health. By notating their behavior and reaching out to your veterinarian with any concerns, your new cat’s favorite activity may become the cat nap.

A dog and cat snuggle

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