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Grey-colored American Shorthair Cat sitting inside on carpet

American Shorthair

Independent yet playful, these mellow cats are masters at rodent control.

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Beautiful Siamese cat with blue eyes lying on the floor


With distinctive features and vivid blue eyes, Siamese are also chatty cats.

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A multi-colored Sphynx cat


Friendly and curious, this hairless cat will snuggle up to you for warmth.

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A brownish-colored Exotic Shorthair Cat with a swopping tail

Exotic Shorthair

With a shorter coat and mellow nature, Exotics live up to their posh heritage.

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Beautiful Bengal cat walking around the living room


Descendants of wild cats, Bengals are active and keep a kitten-like attitude for life.

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A fluffy white-/cream-colored Ragdoll cat sitting on white furniture


True to their name, Ragdolls live for cuddling up close with their family.

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Close-up picture of a Maine Coon's face and her green eyes

Maine Coon

As the largest domestic cat breed, Maine Coons are gentle feline giants.

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A white and orange Exotic Longhair cat sitting inside her house on the floor

Exotic Longhair

With bright round eyes and luxurious coats, Longhairs are hard to resist.

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A small grey fluffy Persian kitten relaxing on a couch


The aristocratic Persian is the quintessential lap cat and loves affection.

Read more about the Persian

A mutli-colored mixed breed kitten laying on a grey couch with her paws out

Mixed Breed

Playful and curious, domestic cats will brighten your day with their feline antics.

Read more about the Mixed Breed cat

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Common Health Conditions for Cats

Use the chart of Trupanion claims data below to find out what health conditions happen most frequently for cats. Every cat is unique, but understanding what health conditions are likelier to occur can help you be a more prepared pet owner.

Here's what our
cat-loving members say about Trupanion

Trupanion member Rexford


Gwynn Oak, MD

Condition: Urinary obstruction

The Trupanion policy paid: $19,031.43

"When my cat, Rexford, became ill, it was a great relief knowing I had Trupanion. It allowed me to focus on Rex and get him the care and treatment he needed without worry. Rexford required multiple surgeries and extended hospitalizations; to know that we had the support of this wonderful company was such a comfort. I will never have a pet not covered by Trupanion."

- Juliana H.

Trupanion member Gator


Calgary, Alberta

Conditions: Ear infections, diarrhea, enteritis, allergic reaction to medication

The Trupanion policy paid: $4,672.13

"Gator struggled with a weak immune system, ear infections and chronic diarrhea. After months of medical intervention, she was healthy enough for her spay. At the beginning of the procedure she had an allergic reaction to the medication and her airway swelled. She had to receive emergency drugs and luckily she recovered! We cannot thank Trupanion enough for being with us. I will always have Trupanion for my cats."

- Heather M.

Trupanion member Mason


Peyton, CO

Conditions: Giardia, Pancreatitis, infection, lymphoma

The Trupanion policy paid: $17,057.92

"Mason got what seemed to be a UTI but ended up being an intestinal disease. He has also been treated for giardia, trichomonas, irritable bowel disease, pancreatitis and a UTI. Throughout this entire ordeal, Trupanion stood by us all the way. Trupanion continues to pay for Mason’s care and when I call, I get such personal service! I even got a handwritten card from the staff, expressing their thoughts for Mason!"

- Carrie B.

Here's what our cat-loving members say about Trupanion

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