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Three Labrador Retrievers - a brown, yellow and black - relaxing in the sun in the grass

Labrador Retriever

America’s top dog for the last 28 years, this breed has lots to love.

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A beautiful Golden Retriever dog sitting outside in the snow

Golden Retriever

Smart, friendly, and gorgeous, this breed is a star family companion.

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A little Goldendoodle puppy sitting in the grass with his tongue sticking out


Doodles are a perfect blend of smarts, exuberance, and fluffy coat.

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A brown English Bulldog running in a park

English Bulldog

Dignified, courageous, and a bit drooly, Bulldogs are instantly recognizable.

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A Miniature Dachshund sitting inside on a white blanket and grey couch

Miniature Dachshund

Charming and loyal, these long-bodied hound dogs are quite athletic.

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A dark-colored German Shepherd dog lying outside in the grass

German Shepherd

The epitome of a working dog, this breed succeeds in a variety of roles.

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A small brown French Bulldog puppy sitting outside in the grass

French Bulldog

With giant personalities in small bodies, Frenchies know how to work a room.

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A dark-colored Chihuahua standing outside in the green grass


An ancient breed, Chihuahuas are a tiny but mighty dog companion.

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A small Yorkshire Terrier playing with a pink ball in the park

Yorkshire Terrier

From rodent catcher to star favorite, Yorkies have had quite the meteoric rise.

Read more about the Yorkshire Terrier

A sleek Siberian Husky standing outside in the grass with her tongue hanging out

Siberian Husky

Playful and intelligent, Huskies are endurance runners and quite talkative.

Read more about the Siberian Husky

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Common Health Conditions by Dog Breed

Use the chart of Trupanion claims data below to find out what health conditions happen most frequently for any breed in the dropdown. Every dog is unique, but understanding what health conditions are likelier to occur can help you be a more prepared pet owner.

Here's what our
dog-loving members say about Trupanion

Trupanion member Kelly


Groton, CT

Condition: Sarcoma

The Trupanion policy paid: $18,522.39

"My golden Kelly was young when I found a softball-sized lump on Kelly’s left hind leg. Four weeks straight of radiation, six rounds of chemo and checkups every three months, including x-rays and full blood panel were needed. Because of Trupanion, I didn’t have to address the biggest deciding factor that most people face—can I afford this? I can honestly say Kelly is alive today because of the financial support Trupanion provided."

- Lori

Trupanion member Axl


Ontario, Canada

Condition: Pneumonia, Hip Dysplasia, Lameness

The Trupanion policy paid: $2,084.01

"At two, our German shepherd Axl was diagnosed with pneumonia. Trupanion took care of all our financial concerns. At four, his hip issues led to pain medications, rehabilitation and rest, which all resulted in improved pain-free movement. I’m so grateful that we chose a plan that not only covers the cost of his treatment but also any physical therapy or rehabilitation he may need."

- Nanette K.

Trupanion member Bella


Ellijay, GA

Condition: Cushing’s disease, tumor, cruciate rupture

The Trupanion policy paid: $15,283.83

"Bella was treated for Cushing’s disease and a pituitary tumor with radiation therapy. Had we not had insurance for her, the decision for her medical care would have been more difficult, as each treatment was expensive. However, because we have Trupanion, these decisions were easier. Rather, we could focus our attention on her treatment and recovery instead of the financial impact these procedures would have on our family."

- Jason P.

Here's what our dog-loving members say about Trupanion

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