There's pet insurance, and then there's TrupanionThere's pet insurance, and then there's TrupanionThere's pet insurance, and then there's Trupanion

We pay your veterinarian directly in seconds, and we're the only ones who can

Veterinarians across North America have been getting access to Trupanion's game-changing payment solution, which allows us to pay your veterinarian directly. Which means you have decisions in seconds and you don't have to wait to be reimbursed.

Can we pay your veterinarian directly?

Select a state from the drop-down menu below to view veterinary hospitals that can be paid directly through Trupanion's patented software. Don't forget - the Trupanion policy will work in every hospital across North America. So even if direct pay is not available at your regular hospital, you can still get the same great coverage.

Don't see your veterinary hospital in the list?

There are two ways you can get your hospital added to the list:

Contact my veterinarian about Trupanion's patented software and let's make it happen!

I will contact my veterinarian and tell them why they should join Trupanion

3 reasons to contact your veterinarian

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Quick and easy claims process
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Coverage in every hospital across North America
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Trupanion is the only one who can pay your veterinarian directly

Show this QR code to your veterinarian

They can scan and get more information on how to sign up for Trupanion's payment solution!

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