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Trupanion dog insurance

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A Trupanion policy always covers 90% of your eligible costs for unexpected injuries and illnesses

Most dog insurance providers let you choose your reimbursement percentage, usually ranging from 60% to 90% of your bill.

When the unexpected happens, we want to help make sure your dog and your wallet are protected. That’s why a Trupanion policy offers 90% coverage of unexpected injuries and illnesses with unlimited payouts.

  • In 2018, the Trupanion policy paid over $173 million to help cats and dogs receive the medical care they need
  • We have covered thousands of conditions for more than 500,000 pets who have enrolled with us
  • PetInsuranceQuotes.com recognizes that “Trupanion is consistently among the top-rated pet health insurance companies” and that we offer “excellent accident and illness coverage for dogs and cats.”

NOTE: No dog insurance provider offers coverage for pre-existing conditions. Our goal is to be transparent, so here’s a reminder that our policy isn’t designed to cover the things that happen before you become a member and your coverage kicks in. To avoid trouble with pre-existing conditions, it helps to enroll your dog while they are young and healthy.

Just know, terms and conditions apply, and you can check out our full policy for even more details.

Quality care for your dog doesn't have to be difficult

Why complicate things? With Trupanion, caring for your dog is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
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Your dog gets sick or hurt

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You take them to their veterinarian

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We pay 90% of their eligible treatment

We’ll cover the medical procedures your pup needs for all unexpected issues. That includes:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital stays
  • Medications

“It’s so wonderful to not stress over the cost of the treatment plan my veterinarian hands me. I can focus on what needs to be done to help my dog get healthy again.”

- Megan M.

Trupanion was founded by pet lovers to help dogs and cats get the care they need when they need it. When you need us, we’ll cover the medical procedures your pup needs for any unexpected issues. That includes:

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Diagnostic tests

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Hospital stays

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Just know, terms and conditions apply, and you can check out our full policy for even more details.

Only Trupanion offers a simple and easy claims process so you don’t have to submit claims or wait for reimbursement checks

With other dog insurance providers, you need to get your dog’s medical records and fill out claim forms. Plus, you may have to wait weeks for a reimbursement check.

We want to make insurance the easy part. That way you have what matters most - more time with your dog:

  • Our fastest claim was paid in 11 seconds
  • Veterinarians can submit claims on your behalf
  • According to Pet Insurance Reviews, we are “the only provider that has the option to pay vets directly in 5 minutes or less.”

When you don’t have to spend time filling out claim forms, you can spend more time with your pup.

Learn more about Vet Direct Pay and see if your veterinarian accepts direct payments.

We will help protect you and your pet 24/7

Just like our policy is here for your pet 24/7, our award-winning member experience team is always here for you! Check out this 1-minute video recap of our coverage or call now to get your quote. 

Calling for your quote is fast, easy, and risk free:

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