Brunette woman holds and kisses a dog at an animal shelterBrunette woman holds and kisses a dog at an animal shelterBrunette woman holds and kisses a dog at an animal shelter

Give pets a healthy start in their new homes

Send your adopters home with an offer from Trupanion, an industry leader in medical insurance for dogs and cats.

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The top reasons pets get returned to shelters*

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Source: The Humane Society of the Nature Coast.

With an offer from Trupanion, adopters can:

  • Establish a baseline for their pet's health
  • Address behavioral and medical issues right away*
  • Budget for new and unexpected illnesses and injuries

What you get from Trupanion's Shelter Program

  • Dedicated support from our team, here to help with anything you need
  • Data and insights, including what percent of adopters activate their offer
  • One more helping hand in the quest to make sure pets get the loving forever homes they deserve
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Coverage starts as soon as the adopter activates their limited-time offer.

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The Trupanion policy covers breed-specific, hereditary, and congenital conditions so even the most unique purebred cats and dogs have protection.*

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Since 2000, we've paid more than $1 billion to members. We still ring a bell to celebrate every claim we pay.

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Trupanion is the only provider with software that lets us approve and pay a claim direct to veterinarians at checkout.**

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for full coverage details.
**Not all hospitals accept direct payment. Find a hospital that accepts Trupanion as payment.
In addition to waiving waiting periods, our Exam Day Offer Program provides a discount on an owner's monthly cost for the first 12 months of coverage. We also collect the first month's discounted cost over months 2 through 12 of an owner's first year as part of their monthly cost.

Help adopted pets get the care they deserve. All at no cost to you.

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Shelter Program FAQs. You have questions, we have answers.

This program provides your shelter with a unique offer for adopted pets. This offer allows your adopters to try out Trupanion so they can get a happy, healthy start in their new home. This offer waives our activation cost and delay in effective date, so coverage starts immediately upon activation.

It's simple. Once you join, the Trupanion shelter team will reach out to discuss how the unique offer will work for your shelter.

The program is completely free to join—there is never a cost to you.

Absolutely! We can cover pets anywhere in Canada, the USA, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Policy details vary by location.

You'll get a PDF of your offer and information materials to include in your adoption packs. We can also provide you with reporting upon request, including data that shows how many adopters are activating their unique offers.
We are unable to compensate shelters for participating in our program.

Aside from the warm, fuzzy feeling from knowing there's one less reason for a pet to be returned to a shelter? No. Due to insurance regulations, we're unable to incentivize shelters based on activations or enrollments.

To activate, we just need the owner's contact information and some basic information about their pet. If your adopters already know they want to continue with Turpanion—or if they live in New York—we'll also need their payment information.

No. The adopters must be the ones who activate their offer. This is because it's illegal for somebody to activate insurance in someone else's name unless you're a properly licensed producer/agent.

New and unexpected illness and injuries are eligible for coverage, including hereditary and congenital diseases.* Additionally, all pets receive the same coverage regardless of breed. We don't cover pre-existing conditions, including those that are already showing signs or symptoms prior to activation. Preventative and routine care (like spaying and neutering) are also not eligible for coverage. You can learn more about our coverage here.
*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.

Monthly cost is based on several factors, such as species, age, breed, gender, and location. If the new pet parent would like to get a better idea of what their monthly cost would look like, we encourage them to call us at 855.210.8749.

We are unable to offer a discount for enrolling multiple pets.