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Your pet and the vet

Maintaining a good relationship with your veterinarian is key to ensuring your pet stays happy and healthy throughout every stage of their life. Your vet will always be there to help you through any challenges your pet may face, however knowing what’s best for your pet’s health, understanding when to seek veterinary advice and knowing more about the services your vet can offer will ensure your pet always receives the best care.

Maltese dog held by veterinarian

Visiting your veterinarian

From choosing the right vet to making veterinary appointments less stressful for your pet, here’s our top advice for getting the most out of visits to your vet.

Close up of a kitten with their paw out and mouth open

Treating common conditions

Read our top tips for ensuring your pet maintains a healthy lifestyle, including advice on common conditions and recognizing when it’s time to consult your vet.

Dog in a field of yellow flowers

Parasite prevention tips

Find out how best to protect your pet and your family with our parasite prevention tips, which feature veterinary advice from Dr Sarah Nold.

Bernese mountain dog outdoors

Complimentary therapies

Find out more about the complimentary therapies offered in the Trupanion policy’s Recovery and Complementary Care Rider. Recommended by your veterinarian, these alternative therapies are often used in conjunction with traditional veterinary medical and surgical treatments.