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We can pay your veterinary bills

When your pet has surprise veterinary bills, you want to focus on giving them the best care, not worrying about your finances. That’s why we’re here to help.

There are 2 ways that the Trupanion policy can pay your claims:

Veterinarian hospital accepting pet medical insurance

Direct payment to your veterinarian

Only pay your portion of the bill—we’ve got the rest covered. If your veterinary hospital has our software, we can pay eligible costs in minutes before you even leave the veterinary office.

Find out if your veterinarian uses our software.

Easy claims submission process icon

Easy reimbursement to you

Our experienced claims team processes about 60% of claims in just 24 hours. If your veterinarian doesn’t have our software, our experts are here to keep you informed about your claim and close it quickly and accurately.

Our claims experience

If your veterinarian doesn't have our software, don’t be intimidated by submitting invoices—we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to focus on getting your pet healthy again. Let’s break down the Trupanion claims experience into 3 easy steps.

Invoices can be submitted in a few different ways:

You can sit back while one of our claims specialists looks at your claim and works with your veterinary hospital to collect your pet's medical records.

You can check on your claim's status in your online account anytime.

Based on your pet’s medical records, we determine whether we can cover your claim and let you know the outcome.

If your claim is covered, we can even pay you with a direct deposit! This information is also added to your online account.

Claims that aren’t covered can be appealed

You can appeal your claim if it isn’t covered due. Not sure what is covered with a Trupanion policy? Learn more about our coverage here.

To start the appeal process, just ask your veterinarian to call us or send us an appeal letter. We’ll review all the information and update you on any new outcomes.

We offer this simple, reasonable, and fair claims experience all to help pets receive the best medical care possible.

How you can help speed things up

There are 3 ways to help your claim along quickly:

  • Send in your claim as soon as possible after your pet receives treatment, along with your pet’s medical records
  • Fill out the claim form completely, and list all conditions that were treated
  • Ask your veterinary hospital for help when filling out the claim form

Pets we've helped protect

Dempsey dog Trupanion testimonial story


Dempsey | Tracy, CA

Condition: Cancer

Reimbursed: $10,545.33

Amethyst dog Trupanion testimonial story


Amethyst | Brooklyn, NY

Condition: Laryngeal Paralysis

Reimbursed: $57,044.57

Raidyn cat testimonial story


Raidyn | Powell River, BC

Condition: IBD, Gastritis

Reimbursed: $1,222.08

Trupanion was founded to help end economic euthanasia and make sure cats and dogs can get life-saving care when they need it.

Our devotion to pets and pet owners is why we offer this transparent claims experience that helps ensure legitimate claims aren’t denied. The vast majority of our team members are loving pet owners themselves, and we celebrate paying large claims by ringing a bell in the office!

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