Trupanion vs. Pumpkin

When looking into medical insurance for your pet, it's very important to get the facts and read the fine print. Be sure to do your research before making your decision. To make life a little easier, we’ve done some of that for you – read on to learn some of the differences between Trupanion and Pumpkin insurance.

Are these features important to you?

Trupanion PUMPKIN
Can pay a veterinarian directly in seconds at the time of checkout Yes, for participating hospitals. Find out if your hospital takes our software. No automatic process to pay veterinarians directly
Unlimited payouts Yes. No caps or limits on the amount the Trupanion policy pays out. Yes. In addition, Pumpkin offers plans with annual payout limits.
Flexible deductible between $0 - $1000 Yes, the Trupanion policy has hundreds of deductible and pricing options. No, the only deductible options are $100, $250, and $500.
24/7 support Customer care available 100% of the week Only open for calls Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm ET. That’s only 36% of the week.
Increases rates annually because a pet gets older No, never changes rates based on pets aging. Other factors do cause rates to change. Yes, may automatically increase rates because pet age increases, in addition to other adjustments.

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

We can pay your veterinarian directly

Only Trupanion can pay veterinarians directly with our unique software system that can close claims in as few as 5 minutes.

That means no more paying the entire bill out of pocket and waiting for reimbursement. All you have to do is pay your portion of the bill, and we cover the rest directly with your veterinary hospital. Find out if your hospital takes our software.

In many cases, our direct pay option requires no paperwork or phone calls from the pet owner.

Pumpkin only reimburses pet owners once they have already paid their veterinary bill or if you call and request a special pre-approval.

Unlimited payouts

You never want your cat or dog to get sick or injured, but the unexpected happens — that’s where medical insurance can help. But if you’re limited by what your coverage can actually help you pay for, you may find yourself in a tough situation.

The Trupanion policy has no payout limits. This means that no matter how high the bill or how many claims we have to pay for your pet, you never have to worry about running out of coverage.

Other companies often have annual limits. Though Pumpkin has an unlimited payout option for dogs and cats, they also offer plans with annual limits maxing out at $20,000 a year. That might seem like enough, but just in 2018 alone, the Trupanion policy paid out over $4 million in single claims that are $10,000 or more, including a payout for a single claim for over $71,000.

You want to keep your pet as safe as possible, but just in case the unexpected does happen, you deserve peace of mind knowing that your insurance will be there when the bills stack up.

We offer financial flexibility

With the Trupanion policy you can pick what you pay because you can choose your deductible, anywhere from $0 to $1,000. Pretty neat, huh? Medical insurance doesn’t have to be out of your budget!

With Pumpkin, you only have three options--$100, $250, and $500 deductibles. While that may seem like okay amounts, only having three options means that you can’t adjust your deductible to adjust your monthly cost of the insurance, giving you less financial flexibility.

And let’s talk about deductibles for a minute. The Trupanion policy has a lifetime per condition deductible—so there’s no need to pay your deductible over and over again every year when you’ve already met it for that condition or a related condition. A lifetime per condition deductible does not mean you must pay a deductible every time you file a claim. Instead, your chosen deductible only applies when your pet is diagnosed with a new and unexpected condition. This is great when your pet suffers from allergies or develops a chronic ailment.

Now, for a very unlucky pet that experiences several different, unrelated conditions in a single year, say diabetes and a broken leg, the per condition deductible may prove to be a bit less effective. But we’ve found that most pets only suffer a few different, unrelated conditions in their whole lifetime. And pet owners that are concerned about paying a lifetime per condition deductible can choose to not have a deductible at all when they enroll with the Trupanion policy, which is not an option with Pumpkin.

Plans may vary by state. If you live in Florida, please visit our Florida plan to learn about how you can get coverage with no deductible at all.

We don’t raise rates just because your pet has a birthday

Trupanion is unique because we are one of the only pet medical insurance providers to always use your pet’s age at enrollment to determine your policy’s price.

Pumpkin, like most other pet health insurance providers besides Trupanion, use what is called “birthday pricing.”

Birthday pricing means that an insurer is likely to automatically raise your rates when a pet has a birthday, on top of any rate changes for inflation or other factors.

If your pet has a Trupanion policy, in our eyes they will always be the age they were when they enrolled.

For example, if your dog enrolls when they’re 8 weeks old, we’ll price them as an 8-week old for their entire life. They’ll be a puppy forever—both in your heart and your monthly cost.

When it comes to pricing, the Trupanion policy is different. We know medical insurance is for the life of your pet, so we share the risk with all responsible, loving pet owners like you that enroll their pets at the same age, regardless if they enrolled last month or last decade.

Now, we aren’t saying that your rates will never change if you enroll with the Trupanion policy. Like Pumpkin or other providers, we too must increase or decrease rates due to changes in the cost of veterinary care.

During your time as a Trupanion member, your monthly payment will go up or down based upon the underlying costs of all pets within your sub-categories. That’s how we share the risk fairly among all Trupanion members.

A price increase ultimately means that we can continue to offer our members the same value as we always have. It’s not about making money, it’s about providing our members what we said we would.

This comparison is based on written documentation from Pumpkin’s public-facing website and Policy Wordings as of September 2, 2020. Coverage options are interpreted by American Pet Insurance Company as being comparable, and American Pet Insurance Company recognizes that alternate policies, coverages, deductible levels, and coinsurance levels may be available from these providers for different premium costs. Pumpkin underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company

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