Trupanion Exam Day Offer frequently asked questions

The Trupanion medical insurance Exam Day Offer is designed to show pet owners the value of having pet insurance to help cover the veterinary costs of treating unexpected illnesses or injuries.
Once the Exam Day Offer is activated, pet owners can use it for 30 days of coverage under our standard Trupanion policy. If you have questions not answered here, please call our Hospital Support team at 877.589.1862.

Payment and cost questions

Does this Exam Day Offer have any upfront costs?
No. There are no upfront costs for the coverage that this 30-day Exam Day Offer provides.

Are pet owners responsible for any veterinary costs during the 30-day period?
Yes. Pet owners who visit veterinarians during the 30-day period are responsible for the exam fee, applicable taxes, and the 10% copay. Whether they pay a deductible depends on where the pet owner received the Exam Day Offer. Deductible information is provided upon activation.

Does Trupanion collect pet owner payment information when the Exam Day Offer is activated?
No. We do not collect payment information when the Exam Day Offer is activated.

What would cause Trupanion to collect payment information from pet owners during the 30-day period?
We collect payment information if pet owners decide to enroll their pet for ongoing coverage or if they decide to add an optional rider.

Pet eligibility questions

Are all pets eligible for coverage with this Exam Day Offer?
All dogs and cats from birth until their 14th birthday are eligible for coverage from an Exam Day Offer within 24 hours after a veterinary exam.

Can a pet be covered by this Exam Day Offer more than once?
No. This program allows each pet one Exam Day Offer, period. Pet owners with multiple pets can obtain an Exam Day Offer for each of their pets. Pet owners who received, but did not activate, an Exam Day Offer previously may receive another at their next regularly scheduled exam.

Coverage questions

Is the coverage offered in the Exam Day Offer the same as what is offered in the standard Trupanion policy?
Yes. The coverage offered with this Exam Day Offer is the same coverage offered by our standard policy.

Do the waiting periods (5 days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses) apply during this 30-day period?
No. Once the Exam Day Offer is activated, there are no waiting periods for coverage.

What is not covered with this Exam Day Offer?
Treatments and benefits in our optional riders (Recovery and Complementary Care Rider, Pet Owner Assistance Rider, and Breeding Rider) are not covered, unless the pet owner has specifically asked for and paid for those riders. Please see our policy for details.

Can pet owners add coverage from the optional Trupanion riders (Recovery and Complementary Care Rider and Pet Owner Assistance Rider) during the 30-day period?
Yes. These can be added any time during the 30-day certificate period. There is a cost for these, so payment information would be required. Pet owners should call us to add this coverage for cost.

If a pet owner makes a claim during the 30-day period, will that condition be considered pre-existing after the Exam Day Offer expires?
It depends. If the pet owner extends their coverage by enrolling with us during the 30-day period, conditions found during the 30-day period are not be considered pre-existing. If the pet owner allows the Exam Day Offer to expire and decides to enroll with Trupanion at a later date, then any previous conditions are considered pre-existing.

Do pet owners need to cancel coverage if they have not converted to a standard Trupanion policy by the time their Exam Day Offer expires?
No. If pet owners do not wish to convert their Exam Day Offer, the coverage will just end after the 30 days.

Do pet owners need to cancel coverage from any optional riders they may have paid for during the 30-day period?
Yes. If pet owners have selected to add and pay for the optional riders, they will need to cancel that payment.

Exam Day Offer questions

Will the normal Trupanion policy waiting periods apply if an Exam Day Offer recipient enrolls with Trupanion after their 30-day Exam Day Offer has expired?
Yes. These waiting periods will apply if the Exam Day Offer has expired and the pet owner has not officially enrolled with Trupanion. This is a key reason why pet owners should convert their Exam Day Offers during the 30-day period.

Can pet owners still take advantage of the Exam Day Offer program if they do not activate the Exam Day Offer within the 24-hour period after their pet’s complete veterinary exam?
No. To be eligible for this program, pet owners must call or go online to activate the Exam Day Offer by no later than midnight of the day following the exam. NOTE: If they miss this period, you may give them a new Exam Day Offer at their next regularly scheduled exam.

Other questions

Will pet owner information ever be shared or sold?
No. At Trupanion, we respect our customers’ privacy and strive to maintain their trust. We do not sell pet owner information to anyone for any reason. We have physical, electronic, and procedural security measures in place that comply with legal standards to protect personal information. See Trupanion’s Privacy Policy for full details.

How does my hospital get Exam Day Offers?
We’ll provide them at no cost. You can expect your local Trupanion Territory Partner to visit and drop off Exam Day Offers regularly, or our Seattle team can ship some to you. Alternatively, our patented desktop application, Trupanion Express™, can issue Exam Day Offers electronically to pet owners via email. For more information about Trupanion Express, click here, talk to your local Territory Partner, or call us at 855.727.9085.

Who should I call if I have questions?
If you have questions, please call our Hospital Support team at 877.589.1862.

We love informed decisions. See the policy for full coverage details.